Author Topic: Kill the Bayley Buddies!  (Read 381 times)

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Kill the Bayley Buddies!
« on: October 25, 2019, 07:42:21 PM »
Bayley (Heel/RAW/Cheater)

bayley headband
era of superstar
the NXT generation

prematch 12
nxt arrival
corey graves
turn it up and gimme somemore
underrated superstar
ruthless aggression tb
making your escape
old school cage match
tech in the bottle
i am always on the winning side
one of the big boys
NXT arena

flawless transition
dirty low blow tb
turning everything upside down
king interferes
your reach
old school brawl
cow on ice
restricted use
do you want a hug TB
unscrupulous sob
woman evolution

arsenal 60

bayley sliding clotheline
bayley to belly hugplex
savage flying elbow drop tb
bayley back elbow
quick snap body slam x3
toss x3
penduleum backbreaker x3
atomic driver x3
ankle lock tb x2
bear hug tb x2

i got 1 thing to say..
a revo of the mind x3
MI x3
get the f out x3
i am a hugger
you missed your chance
no chance in hell tb x2
elbow to the face
carlito says...
jive soul
unintended consequences

backhand slap tb
dun be a doochebag
two time two time
shocking interference
inside cradle
dun try x3
volley this x2
there aint no stopping us now
revolutionizing the division
bayley exploder suplex
youthful agility

nxt generation
ego boost x2

this deck is made becos of bayley's recent heel turn  :D
basically play maneuver to promo, control opponent hand when they reverse your chain maneuvers.
bottle for quick snap and play with flawless on the first turn to promo twice
take damage, put overturn cards under arrival and hopefully dun reverse from arsenal so you can put a face down card under bayley headband
during late game to use bayley headband to get rid applicable reversals for your action recovery or mania.
remember to bait out shoot counter before using headband to get rid of hand reversals.
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Re: Bayley (Heel/RAW/Cheater)
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wrong entry