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A Method to Annoyance
« on: October 23, 2019, 09:13:25 PM »
Macho man (NWO/Heel/Smackdown)

The macho cowboy hat
Be a man!
Madness lives forever
All shenanigans, signny & anniversary

Arsenal 60

Actions 5
Savage beatdown
Macho man's savagery
Here comes the cavarly
Two time two time
Savage double axe handle

Maneuvers 22
Savage piledriver
Classic arm bar
Blindside beal toss x2
Judo choke tb x2
Handcuffed x2
Waist lock tb x3
Chicken wing tb x3
Precision kick x3
Drop toe hold x3
Back throw
Classic bulldog lariat

Reversals 33
Manager distracts
Elbow to the face x2
Carlito says...
Divine intervention
U missed yr chance
A revolution of the mind x3
Manager interferes x3
Gtfo x3
Cowboy bob orton interferes
Hold the phone
Jive soul
Legendary ruthlessness
The price we pay
Shocking interference
In my day...
Volley this x2
Don't try... X3
Don't be a douchebag
Out of nowhere
Sidewalk slam tb x2
Savage series of jabs

Prematch 12
Nwo T-shirt tb
Tech in a bottle
Managed by Sherri Martel
Undisputed belt tb
Classy... Maker of champs
Survey time...
Lethal nwo poison
Through all of these years
Zack Ryder GRA
Banned from RS
A No show
Managed by classy freddie blassie

Midmatch 12
Old Sch Brawl
When u thought...
Fort surge
As graceful as cow...
Sustained dmg
Restricted use
A Method to the Madness
Buying myself some time
All hail the macho king

Before I dismantle my macho man in place for the revival(challenge), just sharin my annoying macho man.
Totally build to a Method to the madness, main strategy of the deck is to blank pluck cards from opponent's ring, mostly sustain, frankie, lethal nwo poison, hiac & product endorsement tb.

Gave up legendary def for managed by classy freddie for late game mil & rfg recovery.
Handcuff for intial draw.
Waist lock tb for blank.
Drop toe hold for pluck.
Chicken wing for recovery.
Judo choke tb for some milling.
Classic arm bar for irritating moves like pap.
Precision kick with machoman beat down for the kill.
Savage piledriver for stun.

Prematch is set up with many aces to bait out don't try.
Poison to disrupt opponent's rsp.
Bottle for precision kick.

The real drawbacks to this deck are small hand & almost an guaranteed loss to bray & foley, mainly becos yr low dmg  moves do almost no dmg to them.
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