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Getting a chance to Interview Jake "The Snake" & Mr. Anderson....Anderson!


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So as some know I've gotten into podcasting. Mainly pro wrestling & other sports. I love it, I'm passionate about it. I was invited to be a guest at Heroes and Legends Xlll in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Just a few hours drive from Lafayette where I live. When you go to these it's absolutely luck based if a wrestler will do anything except the obligated pic/sig deal.

So there I am making rounds seeing who is there. I know Sting & Lex Luger arrive at 4pm. That's another story for a later day. I see Molly Holly, Honky Tonk Man, Buff Bagwell, Scarlett Bordeaux to name a few. Then I see Jake's booth. I've always been a Jake Robert's fan my entire life. I was thinking what the hell, worst he will say is no or he won't have time. I go up & pay for my picture with Jake. I thank him for all the awesome memories he gave me growing up. However the best memory was about to happen.

I ask him. Jake my name is Scott I have a wrestling podcast on YouTube. When there are no fans in line, may I please have a few minutes of your time to conduct an interview for my podcast. He looked to his agent who smiled. Then Jake smiled at me & said I'd be happy to! However, I'm dying of thirst let me get a water real fast. I said Jake I'll go buy your water for you. To which he said you don't need to. I responded with it would be my pleasure. So I sprint literally to get him water. I said I want the two coldest waters you have. So I get back & he does indeed give me an interview. One of the best moments of my life. He even retweeted the interview on Twitter which was a surprise. The link will be down below here. Please give it a watch. I'm trying to build this channel to get more guests the caliber of Jake. So I need as many subscribers as possible. Hopefully you'll be kind & give me a subscribe. Also, while I was talking with Jake. My cohost informs me he got Mr. Anderson to do an interview with us. I'd say this was a successful weekend!

Jake "The Snake" Roberts Interview


Mr. Anderson's interview


That's awesome, congrats!  I'll try to give a listen when I get off work tonight.


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--- Quote from: CreedP on October 10, 2019, 11:48:11 AM ---That's awesome, congrats!  I'll try to give a listen when I get off work tonight.


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I greatly appreciate that man!

This is absolutely fantastic! Congrats!


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