Author Topic: 2019 NAC Crippler  (Read 386 times)

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2019 NAC Crippler
« on: May 28, 2019, 10:10:21 PM »
The Crippler

Victim of a Crippler
Managed by vince
Vince gra
No way out
No holding me back
Once a horseman...
A no show
Rules were meant to be Broken
Its hard being this original
Raw or Smackdown pick a brand
Premiere Smackdown Superstar

Panic grab
Electric chair
The road to victory
Took it on the chin
Sustain damage
For real
Toothless aggression
Ruthless aggression
Ring general
Ref takes control


Rabid wolverine
Rabid attack
Cripple opponent
Prove me wrong
Ill make you tap
When kurt met kristy
3x iron will
Pulp mania
Enter the stratusphere
Last chance
Dont hate the player
Ultimate smackdown


Radical ringwork
Volley this
Dont try this
Dont be a douchebag
Hold the phone
Anything and hate it
Manager interferes
Big stupid grin
Escape to the side
Get the F Out


3x steel chain shot
3x judo takedown
Cranial crunch
Death valley driver
Inside cradle
Ab rake
Back rake
Eye rake
2x brass knucks shot
Bulldog lariat
3x driven by anger
Indian deathlock
Nerve hold
Ax kick
Ap chaki kick
2x sidewalk slam
Crippler crossface
Series of suplexes
diving takedown
The wolverines sharp
Benoits german suple
Surprise drop kick
Kamikaze headbutt
Spinebuster for Raw Deal streams

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