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2019 NAC Brock Lesnar (2nd Place)
« on: May 28, 2019, 05:04:22 PM »
Brock Lesnar

Backstage Area:

All Signatures
All Shenanigans
All Anniversaries
Hometown Hero
The Baddest Man on the Planet
Brock's Massive Physique


Your Town
Premiere Smackdown Superstar
Suplex City
Backed by Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero
Collegiate Champions
Smoking Skull Belt
Backstage Warm up Routine
The Paul Heyman Guys
Night of Champions
Ruthless Agression
Mouths Writing Checks...
Backstage Shenanigans (packed as a mid match)
Vince McMahon GRA


Here Comes The Pain
I'm a Paul Heyman Guy
Cow on Ice
Restricted Use
Shoot Counter
Sustained Damage
Outside Interference


The 11th Commandment
Bad to the Bone
Divine Intervention
The Raw Deal Revolution
Carlito Says...
3x Manager Interferes
3x No Sell Maneuver
2x Oversell Maneuver
2x Hold the Phone
2x Elbow to the Face
2x Escape Move
No Chance in Hell


Eat Sleep Conquer Repeat
The One in 21-1
The Next Big Thing
Paul Heyman's Shoot Promo
Simply The Best


Beatdown by The Beast
Brock Block
3x Shoot Lock-up
3x German Suplex
3x Key Lock
2x Running Clothesline
2x Steel Chain Shot
Face Stretch
Pump Kick


Brock Lock
The Kimura
An Irresistible Force...
Shocking Interference
2x Volley This
2x Nerve Hold
2x Inside Cradle
Sidewalk Slam


Play all Pre-Match. You should have about 13 cards in your opening hand. Ruthless Agression is a Showtime preventer and almost guarantees that I'll have 2 full turns in a row to start the game (thanks to backstage shenanigans)

Smoking Skull Belt usually fetches me Pump Kick and (most likely) a German Suplex. Don't worry about which card goes into the ringside because The Baddest Man on the Planet is absolutely INSANE. Being able to freely pick up any non-hybrid maneuver is so good. It makes discarding have much less of an impact.

Discard maneuvers for Collegiate Champions and throw maneuvers that are difficult to reverse.

Takeaways from the NAC:

I placed 2nd in the NAC with this deck, going 4-2 overall.

I lost to Samoa Joe and Ryback.
I won against Cesaro, The Ultimate Warrior, The Second Coming, and Samoa Joe (in the semifinals).

At no point at all did I feel like I wasnt in control of any game I was playing, including the games I lost. This deck can beat players quickly, or can grind out wins.

My losses were due to bad play on my end. Against Samoa Joe I forgot that Shoot Counter was a card and played a recovery card - not smart.

Against Ryback in the finals, I stupidly played Simply the Best and ate a Ryback specific 15 damage reversal which pinned me. Had I just said "go" I'm positive I would have won the game (having 35+F, Kimora in hand, and F-5 in backlash).

What I would change:

I would take out Simply The Best, Eat Sleep Conquer..., Chair, and Beatdown By The Beast. I never played Eat Sleep..., Simply the Best was never successful, and the two moves aren't as good as 2 more Face Stretches would have been (or 2 other better maneuvers)

I would add some strike Reversals, probably Backslides. It's very easy to get 20F with this deck before opponent even has a turn. I was also lucky not to run into a High Risk deck due to the lack of reversals - so add a few of those.

I'm very happy with this build and my performance at the NAC.
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Re: 2019 NAC Brock Lesnar (2nd Place)
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2019, 09:21:42 PM »
For the uninitiated and under educated (like me) could you spell out the All Cards in your Backstage Area please and thank you.
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