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Shinsuke Nakamura(Heel/Raw/Cheater)

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I went 2-1 with this last Sunday.Advice is appreciated.


King of Strong Style(This card is BANANAS)
Hometown Hero
The Nxt Breakout Star
All Shenannigans
All sigs


Little Rock,Arkansas
Tech in a Bottle(get Ap Chaki kick)
Managed by Lita(Get another Ap Chaki Kick)
Tb Undisputed Title
The Champ is Here
The Artist Known as Shinsuke Nakamura
The Opening Volley
NXT Arrival
Corey Graves:Saviour of Misbehaviour
From Nxt to Wwe(draw 2 for ability)
2xPyrotechnic Volley

Mid Match

The Second Ever Two Time Nxt Champion
Outside Interference
The King Interferes
Unscrupulous SOB
Restricted Use in this Area Tb
Undermine the Competition(shoud be Old School Brawl,none printed)
Volley Finisher
Turning Everthing Upside Down
Your Reach Exceeds your Grasp
The Road to  Victory tb
Dirty Low Blow tb
Introduce your Brain to Your mouth


Nakamuras German Suplex
Shinsukes Cross Arm Breakee
Good Vibrations
Nakamuras Corner Knee Strike
Blindside Takedown
Blatant Chokehold
The Maneuver of Doom
3xThrust Kick
3xCold Cocked
3xThrust Knee Lift
3xGerman Suplex Tb
3xPunch After Punch


Strong Style has Arrived
Divine Intervention
Carlito Says"Thats Not Cool)
3xVolleyed Beyond The Edge
3xElbow to the Face
3xA Revolution of The Mind
3×Manager Interferes

Here Comes the Cavalry
The Nxt Generation


Nakamuras Wheel Kick
Back Throw
Counter Strike
3xAp Chaki Kick
3xVolley This Tb
3xBack Fist
Out of Nowhere
Dont be a Douchebag
2xDont Try This at home

Can packed a couple of Get the F Out to prevent multis

Didnt have any
Replaced Counter Strike and Out of nowhere with them

How do you start most games? Playing 8D Ap Chakis? What did you lose to? Is there anything specifically you think needs help?

PS thanks for posting a VC decklist! It’s lots of work and we see fewer and fewer posted each year.

I lost to Mojo Rawley

And yes id start with Apchaki.
But 0f double dmg arsenal only Tb Germans were my main source of dmg


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