Author Topic: Playing a reversal to gain F, then automatically play UNDERMINE THE COMPETITION  (Read 432 times)

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Hi everyone!
I have this doubt: it's legal when reversing a MULTI maneuver to play a reversal to gain F, then automatically play UNDERMINE THE COMPETITION?

1.- Oponnent plays "Gut Punch Body Slam" (Multi Strike Grapple/F9/D8) while my F is 0.
2.- I play "A Revolution of the mind" and get 1F. (my opponent still have more cards in his hand than me)
3.- Am i able to play Undermine The Competition?


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yes cause your not fully reversing the maneuver.
its like playing revolution of the mind drawing a card, then playing sustain damage

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The first reversal to a Multi implicitly gives you permission to play further Reversals (and generate further reversal effects). This includes playing Reversals that don't reverse, like Over Sell Maneuver, Sustained Damage, and Undermine the Competition.
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