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How do I get started with Kevin Owens?

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Hi guys,

Just saw Kevin Owens' cards and I'm interested to have a go at him but I have no idea how to start.

Anyone has any idea or a decklist for Owens? I'm thinking Multi.

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help



This thread may help.

Owen's is one of those superstars that is good with basically any build

Yeah it's hard to make a bad KO build, chain, volley, even just "BASH cheese moves" they're all good in him, I like chain myself because if they reverse you, you recover with Calgary and adds some resilience to him

Ah that's a good idea with Chain. I'll try to come up with a deck soon.

Thanks guys.

Feel free to put up decklists for Owens here too, maybe I can take a look and get some "inspirations" and ideas.

not to mention when his hand blows up it makes discarding two to chain another move not so painful :)

chain Owens chain!


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