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Kofi Kingston: Mr. 24/7


Here is the last deck of 6 that I have done for newer superstars. Last Disclaimer that this is based on my collection and very little proxies from VRD. Plus this deck is using a mechanic that I am still not completely familiar with even after all these years later. Volley. So yeah be gentle.

Kofi Kingston: Mr. 24/7

Backstage: Unicorn Magic

Pre-Match: (12)

Managed by Shane O'Mac
S.O.S I Hear Them Shouting
Backed By Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero
Givin' 'em High Fives
Old School Antics x2
The Opening Volley
Pick Your Spots
Pyrotechnic Volley
Smackdown #1 Announcer Funaki
Stun the Crowd
You Can't Spell "Funaki" Without F-U-N

Mid Match: (12)

Suicide Strike
(Air) Boom Drop!
Suicide Plancha (TB)
Volley Finisher
Boom! Boom! Boom! The Thunderclap
You'll Really Be Stunned
New... Day Rocks!
That's Sub-optimal
Fortitude Surge
When You Thought You Had All the Answers
Really, That's Enough

Maneuvers: (27)

Chump Punch x3
Kofi's Double Chop
Super Punch x3
European Uppercut x2
Straight Head Butt x2
Double Axe Handle x2
Solarplex Knife Chop x3
Ax Kick x2
Unicorn Stampede
The Ol' Straight Arm Shot x2
Leg Drop x2
Cold Cocked x2
The Boom Drop
Trouble in Paradise

Actions: (11)

Air (Boom) Support
Volley This x2
Offer Handshake x2
The Jamaican Sensation
The Power of Positivity
Recovery x2
Energy Boost X2

Reversals: (22)

The Dreadlocked Dynamo
Elbow to the Face x3
Escape Move x3
Just Bring It! x2
Oversell Maneuver x3
Reach for the Ropes x3
Step Aside x3
Hold the Phone x2
Xaiver Woods Interferes
So Long... Goodbye

What's with the european uppercuts?

Low Fortitude, decent damage, card draw ability that is not from VRD at this moment and time.

I play a lot of Volley.
Id consider going to 3 Cold Cocked,and running fisticuffs
With KK's ability,also think of running tb Missle Dropkick.
As a reversal,Volleyed beyond the Edge,works on overturn,and emptys Ringside when played from hand.

Managed from Lita gets you a starting maneuver or fuel for Pyrotechnic Volley

Somebody WILL double Overshot your Mark and destroy you.

I like tb Volley This,as you can toss it as a maneuver
Blindside Elbow drop+your SS ability too

Looks fairly good, obviously the bonus with kofi is it doesnt matter if your volleys hit or not to begin with.

I would be heel just in case you struggle to get off the ground you can get an almost guaranteed DLB (TB) and lethal nwo poison will help your volley build.

I would also review the reversals, not sure you need x3 elbows and the same goes for some of the others. I would suggest adding in some of the new unique reversals from Virtual and revo of the mind, gtfo, etc....

Where are your face reversals by the way. do you have access to sloppy very sloppy and once is enough. If not there are virtual throwbacks of each.

Alternative idea:
Add Unorthodox Style of Wrestling and adjust your move base to submissions and high risks. I quite like playing him either chain/heat + blindside.
The fact you can discard what you want allows you tro drop additional heat/blindside.

And if you use certain heat cards that allow you to shuffle cards back in then you can get ur non-heat and non-blindside high risks /reversals back. Or you could go all in and try your luck at a hell in the cell and attempt to stop all shuffling in.

I personally dislike volley, but it is a good build for him.
If your heart is 100% set on volley though, can i suggest running him with a submission base (heat/chain) to take advantage of unorthodox style of wrestling, with his high risks being a mixture of volley and blindside.


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