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Finn Balor: Demon's Club
« on: February 22, 2019, 03:23:25 PM »
Here is the 4th deck of 6 of the newer superstars to make. Like the previous 3 I am putting the disclaimer out there that I have not seriously built decks in well over 5 years. So here we go with Finn Balor!

Finn Balor: Demon's Club (Raw Face deck)

Backstage: Finn's Leather Jacket, The Demon Arrives

Pre-Match: (12)

Not Done with Any Flair
Managed by Torrie Wilson
Raw Intercontinental Title Belt
NXT Championship Title Belt
Catch Your Breath
Awesome Pyro
Educated Feet
I'm the Champ- Nothin's Gonna Change That
Old School Antics
Old School Psychology
Pick Your Spots
Underrated Superstar

Mid Match: (12)

Sling Blade
Suicide Plancha (TB)
I'm Making This Up As I Go Along
Chase Off Manager
It's All For My Fans
Silent but Violent
Balor's Intimidating Visage
Fortitude Surge
Took That on the Chin
When You Thought You Had All of the Answers
The King Interferes

Maneuvers: (25)

Technical Drop Kick x7
Left Cross Punch x3
Right Cross Punch x3
Technical Stomp x2
Ax Kick x2
Balor's Running Drop Kick
Technical Clothesline x3
Balor's Lifting Inverted DDT
Finn's Pele Kick
The 1916
Coup de Grace

Actions: (13)

Go for the Cheap Pop x2
Here's a Ratings Booster! x2
Recovery x2
Turn the Match Into a Pier Six Brawl
Springboard x3
Energy Burst x2
Balor Club

Reversals: (22)

Elbow to the Face x3
Escape Move x3
Just Bring It! x2
Oversell Maneuver x3
Reach for the Ropes x2
Step Aside x3
Lift a Boot x2
Hold the Phone x2
No Chance in Hell x2

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