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Alexia Bliss: Little Miss Bliss

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We are now on the third of 6 decks that I have made for newer superstars. Like the last 2 this is based on my collection very little in the form of proxies from VRD. Again I am somewhat out of touch on deck building so please be kind.

Alexia Bliss: Little Miss Bliss (Raw Heel deck)

Backstage: Spiteful, 3x Hair Pull, 3x Choke Hold

Pre-Match: (12)

Managed by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
NXT Women's Championship Title Belt
Five Feet of Fury
The Fairy Tale is Over
A Chorus of Boos
Hello, Ladies x2
I'm Always on Top
Old School Beating x3
Taunt the Fans

Mid-Match: (12)

Panic Grab x2
Chase Off Manager
Little Miss Bliss
Dragged to the Center of the Ring x2
Fortitude Surge
The King Interferes
Save da Drama fo' yo' Mama
Skirt the Issue
When You Thought You Had All the Answers

Maneuvers: (24)

Clutch onto Opponent x3
Shoot Headlock x3
Apply Legal Leverage x2
Apply Illegal Leverage x3
Chin Lock (TB) x3
Modified Bow & Arrow x3
Spiteful STO
Chicken Wing (TB) x3
In-sault to Injury
Twisted Bliss
Blissful DDT

Actions: (18)

Beating the Odds x2
Glamour and Glitz
Iron Will x2
J.R. Style Action x2
Great Technical Knowledge x2
Recovery x2
Spit at Opponent x2
Energy Burst x2
Maintain Hold x2
Costume Queen of the Ring

Reversals: (18)

Break the Hold x3
Elbow to the Face x3
Oversell Maneuver x3
Quick Reflexes x3
Unexpected Turn of Events x3
Bliss Off
Manager Interferes x2

Solid start.

Backstage: Look for NXT Breakout Star, great little card for NXT Superstars.

Prematch: Not a fan of Managed by Steph. I’d run Bra and Panties instead. I’d try to add the 2 or 3 NXT prematch cards from the newest set, Full Sail Arena, Corey Graves, and NXT Arrival.

Midmatch: Not a huge fan of Chase Off Manager in females as it can be easily
Reversed and has no effect on 50% of your opponents. I’d add another Slirt the Issue. I’d also look to add Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp from Virtual.

Moves: I’d try to add 3x Body Lock. I’d be inclined to replace the Apply Legal Leverages with them. Add some more 0F cards to her. I also like Handcuffed, although it’s a strike, they have to discard two to reverse, so it compliments the Body Locks.

Actions: I think there are a few too many, and I only say that because I think you have too few reversals. I’d drop the Great Technical Lnowledge and 1 copy of JR Style and Maintain to make room for more red cards.

Reversals: Needs Some Don’t Try This At Home (ACE reversal). I’m not a fan of Quick reflexes/Unexpected in 3 SSV decks. I’d go back to Step/Escape. I’m a big fan of Eye Rake and Back Rake for Alexa, or perhaps Nerve Hold. I know you’re limited to your collection, but any card that can do two things for the deck, just means you have more options.

Hope this helps take you in a positive direction. Tried to stick to necessary changes without recommending the 10-12 other Virtual cards you need just yet.

Unless I'm missing something, Alexa is not a diva and cannot pack Skirt the Issue


--- Quote from: Hogtrail on February 22, 2019, 08:10:07 PM ---Unless I'm missing something, Alexa is not a diva and cannot pack Skirt the Issue

--- End quote ---

You are correct sir. None of the new female superstars are divas

I think when I was working on Alexia, I was looking at The 4 Horsewomen in Diva's Revolution and kept seeing the word diva on the cards.... I will adjust accordingly.


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