Author Topic: Eddie Guerrero Support that i always wanted  (Read 259 times)

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Eddie Guerrero Support that i always wanted
« on: February 10, 2019, 08:48:58 AM »
Latino Heat
SHS: +6
SSV:  +6
Throwback SSA: Your Superstar Specific cards are Heat. You do not remove your Heat cards from the game, when you reverse cards with the Volley Trait.
Your Heat maneuvers have added the text of: "When you successfully play a this card, you may shuffle 1 card from your Ringside pile into your arsenal."
You may pack cards with the Eddie Guerrero logo, but you do not count as that superstar.

I'm Your Papi!
Pre-match Event
When you are Eddie Guerrero, at the end of the pre-match phase look at your opponent's hand, choose 1 card and he shuffles that card into his arsenal and draws 1 card.
When you are not, your pre-match is + 3.
when your opponent reverses your Grapple maneuvers, you may put that card in the bottom of your arsenal instead of your Ringside or Removed from the game.
F:0 D:0

Eddie's Low Rider
Backstage Area
During your turn you may hide this card, and if your next card played this is a High Risk maneuver, it is blank.
Foreign Object

The Three Amigos
When successfully played, you may search your arsenal for the card titled The Three Amigos or Guerrero Frog Splash, put that card into your hand, and shuffle your arsenal. when that card is your next card played this turn it cannot be reversed from your opponent's hand or backlash deck.
F:4 D:8
SV: 1

Vickie Guerrero interferes!
Reverse any non-Trademark-Finisher card and end your opponent's turn.
you may remove this card from the game, if you do remove the reversed card from the game.
F:10 D:1

Orale! (+Misterio +Cien Almas +Del Rio +Mexicools +Gran Metalik logos)
Action:Chain / Reversal:Special
as an action shuffle this card into your arsenal, if you do choose 1: put 1 maneuver card from your Ringside into your hand; shuffle 1 card from your Ringside pile into your Arsenal; your opponent discards 1 random card; or Draw 1 card.
As a reversal, when overturned, reverse any non-trademark-finisher.
F:0 D:0
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