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David Otunga Question
« on: January 28, 2019, 02:50:28 PM »
David Otunga
Starting Hand Size: 7     Superstar Value: 2
Rookie Superstar Ability: Draw 2 additional cards during each of your Draw Segments, and at the end of your turn, put 2 cards from hand on the bottom of your Arsenal.

From NXT to WWE
Pre-match Event
Can only be packed by an NXT Superstar.  Cannot be blanked.
This card and Underrated Superstar do not take up a Pre-match slot in your Ring.
When you draw for your Ability, draw up to 1 additional card, and when you move cards into your Arsenal for your Ability, move up to 1 additional card.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent

Is putting cards from your hand at the bottom of your arsenal via a superstar ability considered moving cards into your arsenal? I know this is a silly question, I'm just wondering if I ever desired to do so could I put 3 at the bottom instead of two via From NXT to WWE?
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Re: David Otunga Question
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2019, 03:39:50 PM »
It is and you may. With From NXT to WWE, Otunga can draw 2 or 3 additional cards and put 2 or 3 cards from hand on bottom of Arsenal at the end of his turns, and those numbers are completely independent of each other.
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