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Lance Storm
« on: January 05, 2019, 02:24:41 PM »
Lance Storm


I'm From Calgary...Alberta, Canada!
Dawn Marie: Dangerous Manipulator
The House That Hardcore Built
All Shenanigans
All Signatures
All Anniversaries


Where the Big Boys Play
Extreme Rules Match
Managed by Dawn Marie
Product Endorsements
Old School Psych
Halloween Havoc
The Un-Americans
Welcome to Monday Nitro!
Playing by the Rules
Ruthless Agression
One of the Big Boys
Underrated Superstar


You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Sustained Damage
King Interferes
Restricted Use
Old school brawl
Ready to Fight
Cheap Accolades x3


Sidewalk slam
Hold the Phone x3
Sloppy x3
Volley This x2
Once is Enough x3
Revo of the mind x3
Get Back in the Ring x2
Raw deal revolution
Counter strike
It's great to be back here in... x3
Ax Kick x3
Spine Buster x2
Knee Lift x2


Don't Blame Canada - Blame Yourself!
If I could be Serious for a moment...
Ready to Rumble
Turn the tide x2


Storms Back Breaker
Lance's Drop Kick
Storms Superkick
Canadian Maple Leaf
Kitchen sink x3
Garbage can lid (tb) x3
Take your own medicine x2
Struck by a kendo stick (tb) x2
Stuck by a kendo stick (non-tb) x1
Shoot Lock-up x2
Trash can (tb)
Chain lashing (tb)

This deck is super fun and also pretty competitive.

Play all the Pre-Match. I usually search for his 2 TMFs for the allegiance, just so I dont draw them in my opening hand. Un-Americans is SUCH a good card. Search for whatever reversal you need in hand with his backstage (usually revo, volley this, or Douchebag). Halloween Havoc could be replaced with One Night Stand.

For the reversal base, I wanted to pack a lot of reversals that hit multiple cards. Ax Kick, get back in the ring, Spine Buster, and knee lift can be difference makers. And with storms ability, falling behind in F isnt a bad thing.

The actions are simple. I didnt include much recovery because of his backstage card.

Since Storm is ECW, he doesnt take non-unique damage from his FOs being reversed. This makes a card like Kitchen Sink a great card to play (and usually at a heavily discounted F cost). If they reverse the 3 moves, you take no damage and recover (at least) 6 at random.
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