Author Topic: Cena Deck Help for Sunday  (Read 2069 times)

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Cena Deck Help for Sunday
« on: January 26, 2007, 01:45:24 AM »
Hey all I need some help I wanna play this Cena deck for a tourney Sunday and want some help to make it better. It is a Revolution format
touney and I have pretty much everything but TK cards so suggest away.

Pre-Match                            Mid-Match
Gone-Not Forgotten                   Knock Your Shell Off
Hardcore Hell                        Before This Gets Out of Hand
A New Plan                           I Can Do Anything I Want
Ring Psychology: Assault             Keep Your Eyes Open x2             
Ring Psychology: Hold                Talk is Cheap
Underestimate the Competition

Superstar Specifics
I'm Tougher than Nails
Chain Gang Headlock
Freestyle Shoulder Block
The Marine Slam
The Untouchable FU
You Hear Those Horns? You're Finished

0-F Core Maneuvers
Arm Bar x3
Belly to Belly Suplex x3
Big Boot x2
Chicken Wing x2
Collar & Elbow Lockup x3
Front Face Lock x3
Hip Toss x3
Inverted Atomic Drop x2
Punch x3
Kick x3

non-0-F Core Maneuvers
Bow & Arrow x3
Sleeper x3

Mean Maneuvers
Dragon Sleeper x3

Colossal Maneuvers
Figure Four Leg Lock x2
STF x3

I Won't Be Beat Tonight x2
Inertia x2
Masochist at Heart
Try to Get Away x2
Why Don't You Kiss My A%$? x3
You Telegraphed It x2

Basic Idea is to use high end stuff for my ability in the beginning then recur it to throw at them later. The C&L Lockups are in there bc the deck that keeps kicking my butt is a Batista deck that can switch between the storyline and the normal ability. Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: Cena Deck Help for Sunday
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2007, 06:36:07 AM »
I would suggest taking out a copy of "Keep Your Eyes Open" and either put in another copy of "Before This Gets Out of Hand" or adding a "Layla Diva to the Core".  I don't think I've ever even had the chance to play "Keep Your Eyes Open" or "Talk Is Cheap" in any of the games I've played.  People usually just avoid playing into them.

Layla would be there in case you get screwed on drawing F:0 maneuvers in your small opening hand.  A second Before This Gets Out of Hand is just a nice backup to have.

I would suggest having at least two copies of Masochist at Heart in case you get an early Colossal beat down from a storyline-Batista or a Test deck.  You can take out 1 copy of I Won't Be Beat Tonight.

Unless Momentum is heavily played in your area, 4x momentum reversals (2x Inertia and 2x You Telegraphed It) are probably unnecessary.  You can probably take out a copy of You Telegraphed It.

Why are the Hip Tosses in there?  The deck looks to be based on Holds and Assaults so the Hip Tosses seem out of place.  Replace the Hip Tosses with either Head Butts or Standing Side Headlock to get more use out of RP: Assault or Cena's ability.  It also looks like you're running light on low D Throws.  Might be a good idea to put a few Headlock Takedowns or Double Leg Takedowns in to defend against Assault decks (original Rey, Sabu, perhaps other Cenas).
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Re: Cena Deck Help for Sunday
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2007, 01:40:11 PM »
i would try switcing around the noumber of your cores, try something like this:

slap x3
chop x3
big boot x2
collar and elbow lock up x3
wrist lock x3
arm bar x3
chicken wing x2
headlock takedown x3
double leg takedown x3
inverted atomic drop x 3

this should help balence you out a bit more in that area, and i agree with tempesttenor, switch out a game over with layla.

id also try dropping either 1 inertia or 1 kiss my ass for 1 more masochist.

finaly, it might not hurt to subtract 1 stf, for 1 more figure four if you have it.

oh and for pre-match, running hell, underestimate, and rp: assalt should work well enough if you dont drop new plan. consder dropping either rp: hold or gone-not forgotten for previously unannounced match. playing just this card can devistate opponents, especially batistas
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