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<R> Rob Van Dam
« on: August 06, 2018, 08:22:44 AM »
I ran this deck and went 6-1 in our Summerslam tournament with a special stip where only SSV4 or above superstars could be played. The stipulation was in favor for RVD to play Climbing the Ladder which is so important for RVD. To throw opponent off, this RVD tries to avoid playing Extremes.

Backlash (12)

Pre-match (6) Switch the * if you know you will have higher superstar value.
Climbing The Ladder* - Allows you to draw 2 when your Mean is successful, but its only playable if you have lower SSV at the point of resolving.
WWE World Heavyweight Title Belts - I chose this over Intercontinental Title to draw cards because refreshing 4 not so useful cards in hand is better than adding 2 more possibly useless cards
A Ruckus At Ringside
Filling In The Blanks
McMahon Family Jewels* - A back up to add a card to hand every 2 turns if Climbing The Ladder doesn't go through.

Mid-match (6)
Spinning Kick - In case I run out of maneuvers from my small hand
You Hit Like A Girl
Before This Gets Out Of Hand
Slow the Match Down to a Crawl
Talk is Cheap
In ECW, We Never Back Down from a Fight!

Maneuvers (22)
Scissors Hold x 3
A New Breed Unleashed
Double Leg Lock Crab x 2
Dragon Sleeper x 3 - only recovery in deck
An Extreme Assault x 3
Extreme Brutal Beatdown x 3 - Insanely strong card for RVD to boost hand, along with reversal restriction
The Whole F'n Kick x 3
Rolling Thunder
Five Star Frog Splash
Van Terminator
Desperate Throw

Core/Reversal Hybrids (17)
Wrist Lock x 2 - To reverse Scoop Slam
Standing Side Headlock x 2 - To reverse Snap Bulldog
Headbutt x 3 - Reverse Hammerlock, Arm Wrench and Scissors Hold
Fireman Carry x 2 - Reverse Chop to the Chest and Elbow Smash
Hip Toss x 2
Quick Grapple
Quick Submission
Judo Takedown
Only One Solution x 2

Reversals (21)
Try To Get Away x 3
I Won't Be Beat Tonight x 2
Masochist At The Heart
Outmaneuver x 2
You Telegraphed It
My Way
Why Don't You Kiss My Ass
Welcome To My World
Two For The Show
Off Your Mark
Head to Toe Defense x 2
Lateral Flank Defense x 2
Centered Defense x 2

The deck was built to have an much draw power as possible. That was why I went with the Blank Cores and Filling In The Blanks. They not only help with starting fort, but also to pump hand and get rid of useless cards. The choice of Core/Reversal Hybrids is largely dependent on the local playstyle. Locally, there are certain Cores that are more common, so maximising your damage could help you bridge earlier to your Means. Like I mentioned, the Trademarks are very useful for RVD because Trademarks are naturally difficult to reverse, and Extreme Brutal Beatdown brings it up a notch to have a reversal restriction. That was the reason why I wanted to skip the Extremes altogether, so my opponent has less cards to reverse my stuff. By focusing the maneuvers I have, your opponent's Lateral Flank Defense, Centered Defense, Outmaneuver, That's Extremely Unoriginal are rendered useless.

Some improvements would be to find space for Overexposure. That is something all Extremists should pack, but it totally slipped my mind until this point when I am typing this.