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Stacy Norris - Heel / Raw / Cheater
« on: October 04, 2018, 06:26:01 AM »
I"m really liking this Stacy deck on paper.  What do you think?


Stacy Keibler
Diversion into Hollywood*
Feminine Wiles*
All Signatures*
All Anniversaries*
All Shenanigans*
Test or Freakzilla?*
Rock, Deadman or Matt Hardy?**
RVD or Booker T?**
Hollywood, Syxx or Nash?*
Keibler's Cookies x3
Keibler Instinct
Diversion TB x4

Pre-Match - 12

nWo T-Shirt TB
Bitter Rivals*
Managed by Shane-O-Mac TB*
WWF Women's Title Belt
The Champ is Here
Now She's Dancing with the Stars*
Survey Time... Who's Here to see the nWo?
Lethal nWo Poison
Banned from Ringside TB*
Bad Blood*
A No Show*
Frankie Takes Ho-llywood

Mid-Match - 12

Superior Leg Work TB
This is Going to be an Old School Brawl
The King Interferes
nWo Reinforcements from Ringside
Skirt the Issue x3
Outside Interference
Undermine the Competition
Sustained Damage
Panic Grab
Dirty Low Blow TB

Maneuvers - 7

Stacy's Roundhouse Kick
Modified Clutch Onto Opponent x3
Steel Chain Shot TB x3

Actions - 4

I Know How To Use Them
She's Got Legs
Here Comes the Cavalry!

Reversals - 39

Why Can't We Just Dance?
Pump Me Up
Divine Intervention
The Raw Deal Revolution
You Missed Your Chance
Shocking Interference
You're a Jive Soul, Bro!
Don't be a Douchebag!
Carlito Says That's Not Cool!
Too Hot for TV x3
A Revolution of the Mind x3
Manager Interferes x3
Sidewalk Slam x3
Don't Try This At Home x3
Volley This! x3
Get the F Out x3
Cartwheel x3
Spine Buster TB x3
Chained Heat x2

The deck starts with the Test or Freakzilla Enforcer, choosing Freakzilla.  From there, the idea is to use Bad Blood to pick up Stacy's Roundhouse Kick and immediately stash it under Keibler's Cookies (along with Insurrextion) to avoid Pre-Match hand disruption and guarantee you have it for turn 1.  The *s by the Pre-Matches indicate which ones take up a slot - you'll only be able to get Banned TB down if you're able to hit Women's Belt + Champ is Here because the enforcer costs you a Pre-Match slot, but it isn't essential.  When you play Now She's Dancing With the Stars, either reveal the RVD or Booker T enforcer to get the +2 Mid-Match, or the Deadman enforcer to switch to Deadman later (probably the better bet).  You can also reveal the nWo Enforcer when you play one of the nWo Pre-Matches for more options down the road if you want them.  A No Show gets you a Steel Chain Shot TB and Manager.

Turn 1 use Freakzilla to Roundhouse Kick your opponent in the face, discarding the Chain Shot and picking it back up if they don't Cage Match you.  If they reverse it, you can put it on the bottom with Banned and use Shane-O-Mac to get it again, or go to backup strats for now with Mod Clutch, Panic and DLB.  From there, sit behind the red wall and roundhouse kick them in the face every turn, using Leg Work probably to make them discard more often than not.  You recur a bunch with Survey and Dancing with the Stars, along with Cavalry and irreversible She's Got Legs.  Hopefully you eventually switch to Deadman enforcer, which allows you to pick up the Kick if it gets reversed, or also abuse I Know How to Use Them to put a hurt on their Ring area. 

Save 10th Anniversary as long as you can in case the Kick gets removed from the game somehow.  I might actually need more ways to get it back from the removed pile, honestly.

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Re: Stacy Norris - Heel / Raw / Cheater
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2018, 08:22:14 PM »
If I remember Stacy correctly she can only pack one enforcer card. Pretty sure that didn’t change.

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Re: Stacy Norris - Heel / Raw / Cheater
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2018, 08:36:33 PM »
If I remember Stacy correctly she can only pack one enforcer card. Pretty sure that didn’t change.

Not quite.

Stacy Keibler
Starting Hand Size: 0+     Superstar Value: 3+
Diva Superstar Ability: You may pack Enforcers in your Backstage area. Reveal 1 Enforcer card and choose 1 Enforcer. Your Arsenal may only contain 50 cards. Your cards titled Diversion are Set-up cards and -9F. Ignore the "The maximum number of Pre-match cards you may have in your Ring area is reduced by 1" text on your card titled Managed by Stacy Keibler. Your opponent cannot play any card with the word "Keibler" in the title.

Now She's Dancing With the Stars
Pre-match Event
Cannot be packed by The Hurri-Friends.
When packing this card, your Enforcers do not have brands, and your Too Hot for TV cards are not Fan Favorite.
Ignore the 'Set-up' text on your Cartwheel cards.
You may put Superior Leg Work from your Backlash into your Ring and reveal 1 additional Enforcer.
ACE: During your turn when this card is in your Ring, you may remove this card from the game to shuffle 10 cards from your Ringside into your Arsenal.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique

As long as she has effects that let her reveal additional Enforcers, she may do so. She still has to find ways to switch enforcers, but she may pack as many as she pleases, presuming they aren't superstar-specific for someone else or otherwise blocked (the nWo Enforcer if she's packing the WWE Allegiance, frex.)
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Re: Stacy Norris - Heel / Raw / Cheater
« Reply #3 on: October 05, 2018, 07:22:11 AM »
#514/643 Test or Freakzilla? (D) (RUMBLE PACK FOIL note: NO Superstar Logo)
Raw Enforcer
Can only be revealed if your Superstar card says you can reveal an Enforcer card.
•   Starting Hand Size: +2
Superstar Value: +2
Superstar Ability: + Before your Draw Segment, your opponent discards # cards, where # is equal to the number of cards he has in his hand greater than the number of cards in your hand +2.
•   Starting Hand Size: +8
Superstar Value: +4
Superstar Ability: + Once during each of your turns, you may discard 2 cards and your next Maneuver card played this turn is -8F. You cannot play more than 2 maneuvers per turn.

Also for note, this is the MRP on the Test/Steiner enforcer.  It no longer has the reduced Pre-Match requirement for Stacy.

Just an FYI.

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Re: Stacy Norris - Heel / Raw / Cheater
« Reply #4 on: October 05, 2018, 07:23:01 AM »
Yeah she can pack as many as she wants, but only reveal one with her Superstar card and one more with her Pre-Match card.  Then since I'm running the nWo prematch cards and the nWo Enforcer says I can reveal it when i successfully play an nWo card, I can get that one out as well.

Really though I only need Freakzilla to throw the Roundhouse Kick in the early game.  Once I get 8F of stuff onto the board through other means, the idea would be to switch to Deadman (using either I Know How to Use Them, Why Can't we Just Dance or Here Comes the Cavalry!) so that if the Roundhose Kick gets reversed, I can just pick it back up with his ability and throw it again.

EDIT:  Wow - it really doesn't reduce her Pre anymore?  That's awesome... makes me want to change up Womens Belt + Champ is Here for potentially something else.

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Re: Stacy Norris - Heel / Raw / Cheater
« Reply #5 on: October 05, 2018, 09:56:32 PM »
Looks nice.
Do you have any win condition other than keep spamming Roundhouse kick?