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SG Virtual Revolution Cycle 5: Hell in a Cell 2018
« on: September 08, 2018, 09:18:19 AM »

We had a decent turnout of 6, although we were expecting 9 in the first place. That didn't dampen the overall mood as we saw more returning players this time round, and boy did they make an impact by taking both the 1st and 2nd place, and ALSO both lucky draw prizes. 4ever No Mercy and See Kristal Clear was this tournament's biggest threats that brought both of their decks up to the winning spots. Kudos to Zac for his attempt at playing the deck for the first time. If it wasn't for the last minute error, he would have won me as well.

Of the 6 decks, Goldberg, Jerishow, William were Mean heavy, while Ryback and Mark Henry went with Colossals. For my Khali, I went with Ring Psychology Arm and the Core Arms. With the release of the new Gencon promos, I am not expecting a huge swing in the meta, but there will definitely be some impact for Colossal decks like Batista Storyline and Ryback. All shall unfold when the promos are eventually released.

1st: Vincent Goldberg: 5-0
2nd: Tian Sheng Jerishow: 3-2
3rd: Joewi William Regal: 3-2
4th: Sheila Ryback: 2-3
5th: Keith The Great Khali: 1-4
6th: Zac Mark Henry: 1-4

Goldberg (P) vs Jerishow
Goldberg (P)  vs William Regal
Goldberg {P)  vs Ryback
Goldberg (P)  vs The Great Khali
Goldberg (P)  vs Mark Henry

Jerishow (P)  vs William Regal
Jerishow (P)  vs The Great Khali
Jerishow (P)  vs Mark Henry
Jerishow vs Goldberg (P)
Jerishow vs Ryback (P)

William Regal (P)  vs Ryback
William Regal (P)  vs The Great Khali
William Regal (P)  vs Mark Henry
William Regal vs Goldberg (P)
William Regal vs Jerishow (P)

Ryback (P)  vs The Great Khali
Ryback (P)  vs Jerishow
Ryback vs Goldberg (P)
Ryback  vs William Regal (P)
Ryback vs Mark Henry (P)

The Great Khali (P) vs Mark Mark Henry
The Great Khali  vs Goldberg (P)
The Great Khali  vs Jerishow (P)
The Great Khali  vs William Regal (P)
The Great Khali  vs Ryback (P)

Mark Henry (P)  vs Ryback
Mark Henry vs Jerishow (P)
Mark Henry vs William Regal (P)
Mark Henry vs Goldberg (P)
Mark Henry vs The Great Khali (P)

No pictures this time, but here's my personal tournament report to give a rough insight of the 6 decks.

Match 1: Great Khali vs Ryback (P)
I initially thought I had a fair chance against Ryback since he depends largely on Cores until it hits Colossal range. What sucks though, is the fact that I didn't draw into the correct reversals. To be fair, it was really due to deckbuild since I expected more people to play Holds so I packed less Throw and Assault reversals. This bit me back real bad since I couldn't reverse both Assaults, and Ryback just went hard on the Colossals. I eventually got a Desperate Throw in, but it just got worst after 2 Powerbombs and 2 STFs.

Match 2: Great Khali (P) vs Mark Henry
Henry got a good start with his Specific Headbutt, followed by another Core that I did not have a reversal to. Luckily, my Core Arm maneuvers went in pretty smoothly this time. By the 4th turn, he ran out of reversals and I managed to amass my Arms in ring.. But as he built his fort, he did managed to hit Torture Rack twice, giving him a total of 11 cards recovery since he had Hall of Pain in ring to change all targets to back. That was a sick move, since I ran out of Colossal reversals and he knew that. Knowing the Hold Reversals are likely to be for 4D or more, I saved my Short Arm Hammerlock (printed 3D) so I could avoid his reversals. With a +12D and no reversals from his arsenal, ended my turn since we weren't rushing for time. With just 3 cards left in my arsenal (2 of which are non-reversal antics which I shuffled back from Short Arm Hammerlock, he made a mistake to throw a Core instead of a Colossal. I managed to pin him with a One Solution, but victory would have been his if he hit a Colossal instead.

Match 3: Great Khali vs William Regal (P)
My luck probably went off for a long tea break after the game with Mark Henry. I drew 0 Hold reversals even though I had 5 in my entire deck. Scissors Hold and 1 Second Solution later, I'm just eating Knee Lifts and Dragon Sleepers. William's ability made me burn even faster, and the game ended before I could get anything substantial on the board. Even my Desperate Throw got Inertia-ed and went to the bottom of my deck with Gone Not Forgotten. That probably sealed my fate, as I ate his Momentum-ed Regal Stretch a few turns later.

Match 4: Great Khali vs Jerishow (P)
Probably the worst match of the day. With a bad starting hand and Jerishow playing See Kristal Clear, I had no chance of reversing any of his cores from the start. And the good thing about Tag Teams is that they can instantly bridge over to their Means. I had no chance, not because I didn't have the maneuvers, but because my opponent had 3 Second Solutions, and then Defense cards later on. There was no chance in hell I could have gotten anything on the table, apart from a Two for the Show. The game ended with 2 consecutive Means which my 1F couldn't reverse.

Match 5: Great Khali vs Goldberg (P)
Goldberg had a bad score prior to this game, with a win rate of 2 out of 15 matches. Surprisingly this match wasn't as bad as the previous, even though I got Kristal-ed again. I did get my initial Fort in, but I succumbed not long after to 4ever No Mercy. Although it makes the game really quick, 4 is still to much for a constant reversal. I would believe that the streak wouldn't have been achieved so quickly if we blocked that with out PPVs. Its a learning experience for everyone, so either beat them, or join them ;)

Till next month, onward with the <R>evolution!

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