Author Topic: SG Virtual Revolution Cycle 5: Summerslam 2018  (Read 662 times)

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SG Virtual Revolution Cycle 5: Summerslam 2018
« on: August 05, 2018, 09:37:45 AM »

It was a hectic pre-tournament because our venue host 'suddenly' had an event and there weren't any spaces left for us. Luckily we had a player that arrived early to check out the venue and sound out before the actual tournament started. We eventually got a venue, but we had to pay to use it, much to the dismay of players. That aside, we had our usual turnout of 8 players for our Summerslam Tournament, and congrats to Sheila for being a 2 time champ for this cycle. De Hao walked away with Lucky Draw 1 of an alt art Faction Set, while Zac walked away with a foil Alt Art VTK C Revo WWE World Heavyweight Title Belt.

This tournament had a special rule since it was a big 4 PPV, so we could only play superstars of SSV 4 and above. Overall, it was nice to see a tournament where half of the superstars are from the Comic Images printed era. Most superstars have been played a few times now, but thankfully everyone made the effort to play something they havent played before, and that is something I would like to commend about this playgroup. Although we have a rule set that we won't allow players to reuse the same superstar within the cycle, the players have thus far been exploring different superstars, and playing different styles. The amount of effort to do so clearly shows sportsmanship. There was even instances where a player lamented that his maneuver should have been reversed but he forgot to inform his opponent. I think that games are best played when the main goal was not to capitalize on opponent's lack of knowledge, but instead to have a fun time together.

End of the day, everyone walked out happy, because the scores were secondary, and what mattered more the 2hours+ of games. Looking forward to our next tournament in Sept!

Till next month, onward with the <R>evolution!

Updated Excel with all the score tallies and results from all our tournaments:

1st: Sheila Batista: 7-0
2nd: Keith Rob Van Dam: 6-1
3rd: Zac Undertaker: 5-2
4th: Calvin The Rock: 4-3
5th: Joewi Ric Flair: 3-4
6th: Wen Huan Chris Jericho: 2-5
7th: De Hao Rey Mysterio: 1-6
8th: Dhillon Sheamus: 0-7

Batista (P) vs Rob Van Dam
Batista (P) vs Undertaker
Batista (P) vs The Rock
Batista (P) vs Ric Flair
Batista (P) vs Chris Jericho
Batista (P) vs Rey Mysterio
Batista (P) vs Sheamus
Rob Van Dam (P) vs Undertaker
Rob Van Dam (P) vs The Rock
Rob Van Dam (P) vs Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam (P) vs Chris Jericho
Rob Van Dam (P) vs Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam (P) vs Sheamus
Rob Van Dam vs Batista (P)
Undertaker (P) vs The Rock
Undertaker (P) vs Ric Flair
Undertaker (P) vs Chris Jericho
Undertaker (P) vs Rey Mysterio
Undertaker (P) vs Sheamus
Undertaker vs Batista (P)
Undertaker vs Rob Van Dam (P)
The Rock (P) vs Ric Flair
The Rock (P) vs Chris Jericho
The Rock (P) vs Rey Mysterio
The Rock (P) vs Sheamus
The Rock vs Batista (P)
The Rock vs Rob Van Dam (P)
The Rock vs Undertaker (P)
Ric Flair (P) vs Chris Jericho
Ric Flair (P) vs Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair (P) vs Sheamus
Ric Flair vs Batista (P)
Ric Flair vs Rob Van Dam (P)
Ric Flair vs Undertaker (P)
Ric Flair vs The Rock (P)
Chris Jericho (P) vs Rey Mysterio
Chris Jericho (P) vs Sheamus
Chris Jericho vs Batista (P)
Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam (P)
Chris Jericho vs Undertaker (P)
Chris Jericho vs The Rock (P)
Chris Jericho vs Ric Flair (P)
Rey Mysterio (P) vs Sheamus
Rey Mysterio vs Batista (P)
Rey Mysterio vs Rob Van Dam (P)
Rey Mysterio vs Undertaker (P)
Rey Mysterio vs The Rock (P)
Rey Mysterio vs Ric Flair (P)
Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho (P)

Sheamus vs Batista (P)
Sheamus vs Rob Van Dam (P)
Sheamus vs Undertaker (P)
Sheamus vs The Rock (P)
Sheamus vs Ric Flair (P)
Sheamus vs Chris Jericho (P)
Sheamus vs Rey Mysterio (P)

Some pictures of the event:

Updated End Cycle Score Tally:

On a side note, I just wanted to put this out there for all Revo The Rock Superstars to pack at least some Core reversals. My RVD got almost 30F from Filling in the Blanks and the blank text Core/reversal hybrids on turn 1. Rock still managed to get his starting fort but by then I hand a ton of fort and hit in 3 consecutive Extreme Brutal Beatdowns for the win.
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