Author Topic: SG Virtual Revolution Cycle 5: Extreme Rules 2018  (Read 893 times)

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SG Virtual Revolution Cycle 5: Extreme Rules 2018
« on: July 01, 2018, 12:32:13 PM »

Good game to all 6 players for VR Extreme Rules! 3 last minute dropouts but that certainly didn't dampen the mood. We had a huge battle of Tag teams with Jerishow, Wyatt Family and the Shield, as will as well established world champions CM Punk, Randy Orton and Sandman.

As the dust settled, Wyatt Family prevailed with a score of 4-1, thus earning herself a Number 1 Contender status to cash in on any champion for the rest of the cycle.

Very high levels of sportsmanship seen as players proactively guided each other in their games. The champ walked away with an alt art revo superstar of his/her choice, while 2 lucky players will get 1 random TK and 1 alt art faction set. Needless to say everyone got a door gift for participation!

Looking forward to more people and more exciting games next month! If you are interested to pick the format up, do drop me a PM and we can work things out from there!

Till next month, onward with the <R>evolution!

Updated Excel:

The Wyatt Family (P) vs CM Punk
The Wyatt Family (P) vs Jerishow
The Wyatt Family (P) vs The Shield
The Wyatt Family (P) vs Randy Orton
The Wyatt Family vs Sandman (P)

Sandman (P) vs The Wyatt Family
Sandman (P) vs Randy Orton
Sandman (P) vs Jerishow
Sandman vs CM Punk (P)
Sandman vs Calvin (P)

Randy Orton (P) vs The Shield
Randy Orton (P) vs CM Punk
Randy Orton (P) vs Jerishow
Randy Orton vs The Wyatt Family (P)
Randy Orton vs Sandman (P)

CM Punk (P) vs The Shield
CM Punk (P) vs Sandman
CM Punk (P) vs Jerishow
CM Punk vs The Wyatt Family (P)
CM Punk vs Randy Orton (P)

The Shield (P) vs Jerishow
The Shield (P) vs Sandman
The Shield vs The Wyatt Family (P)
The Shield vs Randy Orton (P)
The Shield vs CM Punk (P)

Jerishow vs The Wyatt Family (P)
Jerishow vs Sandman (P)
Jerishow vs Randy Orton (P)
Jerishow vs CM Punk (P)
Jerishow vs The Shield (P)

Cycle 5 Score tally:
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