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Arn Anderson
« on: June 27, 2018, 02:47:13 AM »
Here's the Arn Anderson deck I played at FunkCon 2018 in Moline, Illinois.  I went 2-3 during Swiss

Backstage Area:
Tenth Anniversary
Raw Deal 5th Anniversary
Backstage Signature
Backstage Signing Appearance
Backstage Autograph Session
Legendary Defense
Hometown Hero
Double A

Where the Big Boys Play
Parts Unknown
The Enforcer
Once a Horseman, Always a Horseman
WWE World Heavyweight Title Belts
Through All These Years
Drawing a Blank
Playing by the Rules
The Heenan Family
Old School Donneybrook
Tear You Down Like a Minnesota Wrecking Crew
Making Your Escape

Notes:  I don't search for 2 cards with Big Boys.  Tear you down... is exclusively to protect against Break you, Trash Talking Interview, and FLAU.  Making Your Escape against Hell in a Cell. Besides those situations, I play everything else in all my matchups.

Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
Turning Everything Upside Down
Restricted Use in This Area
The King Interferes
Undermine The Competition
Adversity Introduces a Man to Himself
Outsmarting the Competition
Living The Good Life
Overrated Superstar
Fully Loaded
The Sex, the Gods, the Freaks, the Frauds x2

Notes: Playing Overrated Superstar is situational, as this deck likes playing at even fortitude or from behind.  If the 1F will put me ahead at the start of the game, I will refrain from playing it (I believe I did that during one of my rounds in the tournament).  A Notable exclusion from this deck is "The Horseman Have Something to Say About That".  During playtesting before FunkCon, there were multiple games where this card caused me to lose the game from skipping turns (One game in particular it caused me to skip 3 turns in a row and up to that point, it was a close match).

Maneuvers: 19

Arn's Gourdbuster
Snap Neckbreaker x3
Gut Buster x3
Atomic Facebuster x3
Back Breaker x3
Gut Buster on Top Rope x3
Classic Bulldog Lariat
Classic Claw
Double-A Spinebuster (TB)

Notes:  I packed every blank text "Buster", "Breaker", or "Knee" in existence.  No Classic DDT as it would have been my only move susceptible to Backlash Reversals.

Actions: 5
Ego Boost x3
McMahon Family Values
Ready to Rumble

Reversals: 36
Hung Out to Dry, Horseman Style
Arn's Abdominal Stretch
Superior Brain Power
Don't Be a Douchebag
Divine Intervention
Unintended CONsequences
Backhand Slap
You Missed Your Chance
In My Day, A Maneuver Was a Maneuver
Escape Move
Step Aside
Break the Hold
Carlito Says, "That's Not Cool!"
A Great Deal of Confusion (TB)
The Horseman Have My Back
Legendary Assistance
Out of Nowhere
Once is Enough x3
All Talk, No Action! x3
Spinebuster (TB) x2
Sloppy... Very Sloppy x3
Don't Try This at Home x2
Get the F Out x2
Knee Lift (TB) x2

Notes:  Legendary Assistance over Cowboy Bob because it gets a discount in fortitude from The Enforcer and I can play it sooner.  I packed one OG Spinebuster so that I can spin it from arsenal as a reversal.  Spinebusters and Knee Lifts could be played as offensive maneuvers in a pinch.  I had one Backslide and Inside Cradle as hybrid spin reversals against basic maneuvers, but ended up cutting them (I may try to squeeze them back in). 

Feel free to comment/critique.
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