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I'm going to sticky this for easy reference in the future, but for those who have asked how they can donate for the efforts to keep Raw Deal going over the years, here's the information.

While I can't accept any donations for Raw Deal without a legal issue, it's certainly legal to support the website we use for it!  :)  So here's the link to the PayPal account for TCO:

TCO PayPal Donation

I've covered the website costs for a while, already paid for the domain renewal - that's the easy part.  However, the site that hosts this forum is significantly more, especially since we kept exceeding our allotted page loads and 'CPU usage', resulting in temporary shutdown, so I had to upgrade our hosting package.  The new costs are:

1 year - $420
2 years - $670
3 years - $880

It's not due for a couple months, but I want to post this now so we have plenty of time.  Covering 1 year is the goal, and we have a big headstart on that thanks to one TCOer's generosity (thanks again!)  But obviously if we can get the discounted rates for more years, then we don't need to bother for a very long time. :)

Thanks in advance for any assistance, rest assured it is GREATLY appreciated.  (...and could curry small favors like gaining a 'TCO Donor' tag if desired)


Just following up on this, we have just about enough for a 1 year renewal, thank you again guys.

There's still one month to go, so anything further would help keep the doors open another year.  We'll see how it goes.

Thanks again to everyone who's chipped in!


hey, is there a way I can venmo a donation over?? I have two customers who insist on paying me via Venmo, and I'd love to put it to good use (well aside of paying for my ice time!)

I'd literally never heard of Venmo until you asked about it.  I'll try to remember to check on it.



--- Quote from: CreedP on December 28, 2018, 11:05:39 AM ---I'd literally never heard of Venmo until you asked about it.  I'll try to remember to check on it.


--- End quote ---

That was honest to God the same reaction I had when the first guy asked me to pay in it  :laugh:

It's a mobile app basically, it's HUGE in the ice hockey community ....heh


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