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SG Virtual Revolution Cycle 5
« on: June 24, 2018, 07:28:13 AM »

By now you should be familiar with what we do. Each cycle will consist of 5 to 6 monthly tournaments held in Virtual Revolution format. Your position and participation in each of those tournaments will earn you points that you will rank you in our end cycle prize. Last cycle, a total of 47 superstars were awarded to our 14 participants as end cycle prizes, excluding each tournament's individual winners. Will you be one of them to receive alt art superstars this cycle?  ;)

Individual tournament prize scheme:
1. Door gift for participation (free)
2. Lucky Draw after each tourney (free)
3. Alt art superstar set for top prize(s)
    6 or less participants: 1st place gets top prize
    7 or more participants: 1st and 2nd gets top prize
    10 or more participants: top 3 gets prize

End cycle prize scheme:
As per last few cycles, players will be ranked and split to 1st tier, 2nd tier and 3 tier.
1st tier prizes: 3 Revo superstars or 2 Revo 1 Classic superstar
2nd tier prizes: 2 Revo superstars or 1 Revo 1 Classic superstar
3rd tier prizes: 1 Revo superstar

Scoring and Ranking scheme:
To spice things up alittle, ranking for each tournament will no longer be decided by simple win lost ratio, but instead by opponent strength, which is the sum of all wins that your opponent get. Therefore if the 1st place has a score of 7-1, and that 1 lost went to the last place with a tally of 1-7, the last place will get 7 points, which was the total wins of the player that he/she won. We will then tally that score to rank players accordingly for that tournament. This ranking will directly affect your end cycle score and ranking too!

After consultation with players, we decided to stick to the old scoring system, but we agreed to use this cycle as a test bed to see if the above is worth pursuing. Therefore, every player will earn a score equals to his/her wins per tournament + 1. At the end of the cycle, we will sum up the scores for each individual to rank as per above.

July Tourney: Extreme Rules

Where: Monarch Affinity @ Orchard Gateway #04/09-10
When: 1st July 2018
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Door Gift: Staple reversals (1 each)
Lucky Draw: ECW Originals Faction
Top Prize(s): Alt art of winner's choice

Updated Excel:
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Re: SG Virtual Revolution Cycle 5
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2018, 12:38:48 PM »
Results for Extreme Rules posted here:,

Stay tuned for August's Summerslam tournament! We will be doing special stipulations for the PPV, and it has something to do with superstar values ;)