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trying to play with my balls
« on: June 15, 2018, 01:21:26 AM »
Its no secret that im no fan of revo. but its crunch time so im in "Git gud" mode for gencon. Any help is appreciated it seems like a pretty solid deck to me and has done well. Have been doing alot of research and I think I have all the must packs.

1   <R> Balls Mahoney
1   <R> Big Balls
1   <R> ECW Originals
1   <R> ECW's Chair Swingin' Freak
1   <R> A Ruckus At Ringside
1   <R> Before This Gets Out of Hand
1   <R> Slow the Match to a Crawl
1   <R> Talk is Cheap
1   <R> You Hit Like a Girl!
1   <R> Gone-Not Forgotten
1   <R> SummerSlam
1   <R> In ECW, We Never Back Down from a Fight!
1   <R> Setting Him Up
1   <R> Mahoney's Chair Shot
1   <R> The Nutcracker Suite
3   <R> Steel Chain Shot
1   <R> A New Breed Unleashed
3   <R> Homicidal Lunge
1   <R> Thrown Off the Stage
1   <R> An Extreme Assault
1   <R> Extreme Brutal Beatdown
1   <R> Desperate Throw
3   <R> The Second Solution
2   <R> Only One Solution: Revolution
3   <R> Outmaneuver
2   <R> Centered Defense
2   <R> Lateral Flank Defense
2   <R> Head-to-Toe Defense
1   <R> Inertia
1   <R> My Way
1   <R> Two For the Show...
1   <R> You Telegraphed It
1   <R> Masochist at Heart
2   <R> Why Don't You Kiss My Ass?
2   <R> Try To Get Away
2   <R> That's Extremely Un-Original
1   <R> Death-Defying Maniac
1   <R> Enter the Sandman
2   <R> Overexposure
1   <R> Off Your Mark
3   <R> Chair Shot
2   <R> Toe Smash
2   <R> Thrown Into the Ring Apron
2   <R> Shock the World
2   <R> A Spirited Turn of Events
2   <R> Never Give In, Never Give Up
2   <R> Missile Drop Kick
1   <R> Driven into the Ring Post
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