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Raw Deal Scotland - 29th April 2018
« on: April 20, 2018, 02:29:36 AM »
Our play group has specific rules regarding title belts:
-Only 3 players (our champions) are allowed to use them (excluding Superstar Specifics)
-During Swiss play these belts gain the text stating they do not take up a slot in your ring area or backlash deck
-During Title matches these belts are treated as backstage cards, but count as being in the ring area for card effects

Format is Virtual Classic up to Virtual 3
There will be 4 rounds of Swiss followed by Title matches, each round is 45 min w/5 min overtime, Title matches have a strict 11pm cutoff
Title matches can be up to 4 players, depending on where the champions finish in the standings from Swiss

Date: 29th April 2018, 6pm registration for 6.30 start. 11PM finish
Fraserburgh West End Bowling Club
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