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April 7 - QC Tournament
« on: April 09, 2018, 09:22:31 AM »
Was unable to record the matches because...well, my stand wouldn't work so I'll try and type out my matches at least:

I played as Priceless (can post a list if people ask) but the whole premise of my deck is make them skip first turn with their prematch, throw a Quick Snap/Flawless first turn to get fortitude early so I could use their ability. Opponents first turn, I'd let just about anything go, let them get to 5F so once it was my turn I'd hide my backstage, grab a shoot lock up, pop quick snap with my ability and play the lock up. After that, well pretty much sat back and reversed with Spine Busters, Power Slams, or my 3x Shoot Counters (that was fun) and would throw vickie protected moves. If somehow, some way I'd get behind again, then I'd use their mid match and go searching for a running clothesline and play it for 13 more for which sets me up for the game. Simple deck, nothing special, so onto the matches:

Match 1: vs Batista (riothebeast)

Went in thinking I was gonna get destroyed...and I did eventually, lasted longer than I expected. He played OSWM TB so my prematch wasn't in effect...luckily enough for me, he had to use his ability to grab a running spine buster and it went through. Why it was so lucky...well first turn I played my quick snap and flawless and he didn't have a single spine buster in hand (I was pretty prepared to take 12D). From there, did my thing with the lock up and shoot counters. In the end, my biggest mistake was not popping my 10th to recover Divine, because the next turn he popped his destroyer with guardians in his ring and threw the Batista bomb and I had nothing in arsenal to stop it. Record: 0-1

Match 2: vs Spike Dudley (lawnmowaman)

Did my thing, got my shoot lock up out (you'll sense a trend since I was lucky enough to get it out 2nd turn every game) and just kept up hitting him with shoot counters and vickie moves. Can't remember most of the match, but eventually won by pinfall. Record: 1-1

Match 3: vs Rock and Sock

You know by now what my first 2 turns consisted of...was a very close match and he was sitting there with Wrestlemania so I tried to be as careful with that and wanted to kill him on his turn with a reversal since I had Dont Try and Classic Teamwork just in case. The big turning point was when he played their specific multi strike that I hit with a power slam, and Cody's drop kick (or whatever it was) for 21 damage. Last turn, got what I needed, hit him with a shoot counter to pin him and reversed WM to end it. Record: 2-1

Match 4: vs Braun Strowman

Was very familiar with Braun playing him in the tournament, so knew what to look out for. Same first couple of turns for me that got my fortitude. By this time, everyone knew to avoid the shoot counters, and he was playing opening volley so my power slams did nothing. Took a while since Braun has so many D0 reversals that my vickie moves weren't going through, but I eventually started hitting them and won via pinfall. Record: 3-1

Match 5 vs Dwayne (sephy)

Actually didn't play this, had to get home...but I knew it was the worst match up possible for me. Plunging shoot lock up doesn't work vs brahma bull, and the biggest weakness of my deck was lack of action reversals, so his peeps champ would've prevented me from playing my midmatch for fortitude. Record: 3-2

All in all, had fun with the deck, the reactions to 3x shoot counters was my form of entertainment. Will probably put this away for a while and come back, love their cards and may go over to the Legacy and try them as well. Like I said, will post a deck list later if people wanna see, but just by my above match summaries, you can probably guess about 75% of my deck.

One last random just seemed weird that they have 3x TMFs and I didn't get to play a single one saturday, had the fortitude to every game, just never drew into them I guess

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Re: April 7 - QC Tournament
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I like old school wrestling match in batista cause it makes them walk into my pain reversals. But man does it put me into a wierd spot if i dont open a reversal thats why i had to search running when i saw you had no reversal.