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Fantasy Stables
« on: April 04, 2018, 01:39:42 PM »
Hey look, overly-wordy-yet-broken fantasy cards.

The Kliq
SHS: 4
SSV: 12

Superstar Ability: Your cards removed from the game cannot be moved to any other location. You may pack arsenal cards with the Shawn Michaels, HHH, X-Pac, Razor Ramon and/or Diesel Logos; they are not Heel, Face, Cheater or Fan Favorite and they have no brands. You are a Stable. You may pack Backstage Politics in your Backstage Area and at the end of the Pre-Match phase put it into your ring and it cannot be blanked. You may pack cards with "Politics" in the text in your backstage area and play them as if they were pre-match, mid-match or arsenal cards as normal (they do not take up a slot in your ring). Before the draw segment of each of your turns you must remove the top 2 cards of your arsenal from the game. You cannot pack cards with "pinfall", count out" or "victory" in the text.

Best Buds with Vinnie Mac
Backstage Area Card
Double all numbers in the text of your cards that contain the word "McMahon".

The B.S.K.
SHS: 3
SSV: 12

Legend Superstar Ability: You are a stable. You may pack Managed by Mr. Fuji, cards with "Legend" and/or "WWF" in the text and backlash cards with the Undertaker, Deadman Inc., Yokozuna, Rikishi and/or The Godfather logos in your backstage area. These cards are playable as if they were in your backlash deck, they have no brands, they are not Cheater, Face, Fan Favorite or Heel, they do not take up a slot in your ring, they are permanent, your opponent cannot respond to them, their activated card effects cannot be reversed, they cannot be blanked and you are considered The Undertaker for their activated card effects. You cannot pack Manager cards not listed in your ability. Replace your cards with "now reads as" in the text  with "gains". Ignore all sentences with "packed" on the text of your The Deadman's Motorcycle. You cannot pack cards in your backlash deck. You cannot back Backstage cards without "Shenanigans" in the title.

Wrestler's Court
Backstage Area Card
When your opponent plays a Cheater, Fan Favorite, Face or Heel card (even during your turn) you may overturn 4 cards and that card is considered not played and cannot be played again this turn. This does not end the current turn.
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