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« on: March 24, 2018, 07:46:31 PM »
Opus V came out for the Final Fantasy TCG this past Friday, and now that I've had time to digest, I've got some thoughts.

-Earth easily is the big winner of this set, because they got a TON of new tools to help them out. Momodi (give Brave to a Forward for free each turn), Miner (retrieves a Backup when played, has an ability to retrieve a Forward), Gabranth (Sacrifice to prevent damage to you), Mobius Mog (Search for a Forward), Carbunkle (Pump a forward, if its power is 9000 or less when you pump it, it goes back to your hand), and more finally give Earth some aggression as well as helps with the high Crystal Point curve Earth cards tends to have.

-Fire on the other hand got the short end of the stick again. Everything it can do, another element does better. Lightning trumps it in Forward removal. Wind trumps it in speed. At this point it's at best a complimentary element. Its Legendaries are also nothing to write home about. Palom in particular is garbage, being a weaker L Vivi.

-Kam'lanaut has the potential to be a meta-changing card. It's a 9000 Power Dark Forward for 5 CP which searches out another Dark card and can change its element. This is important because Kam'lanaut can't be targeted by Summons or abilities of its element. Put it against a mono-element deck and suddenly that deck has problems. Against Mono Water? She thumbs her nose at Leviathan and Syldra. Mono Lightning? Odin and Raiden don't scare her.

-A bunch of cards came out with "Choose X of the following" text. Most of them are very useful and going to see play in decks. The only element that didn't get anything like that was Fire. Yet another reason Fire's become weak.

-With Wol and the FFIII Warriors of Light, Warrior of Light decks now might be a thing. Already I've seen ideas thrown around for Earth/Water Warrior of Light builds.

-Orphan, one of Ice's Legendaries, is stupid powerful. You dull two Forwards when it comes into play, and if you have five or more Ice characters (Forwards/Backups/Monsters), you freeze them as well. And when it attacks, you freeze a forward of your choice. The fact that it's a big body at 9000 power is a bonus. Well worth the 6 CP cost.

Tomorrow I'll be playing in a local tournament with my Earth/Water Suicide deck. The idea is to take damage early, then come back with stuff like Opus 2 Dark Knight and L Tidus, using L Wol to protect him when I Blitz Ace. Hopefully I'll find that the concept works and can improve it.
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