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WWE Featured in Bloomberg
« on: February 25, 2018, 12:18:11 PM »
Bloomberg recently did an article on the WWE. The gist of the article is about how most entertainment companies are struggling, but WWE is bucking that and instead growing. Part of this is because of the WWE Network, a massive risk in a risk-averse business that ended up paying off big time. WWE is now making more money than they ever did when they were on Pay-Per-View.

However, the big thing in the article that would get peoples' attention here is that WWE is now being seen as an acquisition target, with Disney and Comcast among the possible buyers. I've heard about this for months, and the figures being thrown around are in the tens of billions. Here's the question: does everyone really have a price, or is there just no way Vince would sell the company? Stephanie is quoted in that article saying that to outright dismiss a sale is foolish. Will it have to wait for Vince's passing, or is it possible that Vince could get an offer which even he would realize would be madness to turn down?
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