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Rules questions to help out some new players PLZ & TY
« on: February 08, 2018, 01:01:12 AM »
Hello everyone!  ;D :D :) myself and my playgroup have become a huge fan of this game,  were all pretty new. We could really use some help with some rules questions we've come across while playing the past couple months. To clarify were mainly only playing classic at the moment and soon I'm sure we'll start mixing virtual into our decks.

Here's some of the rules questions we've had.
1. Does the order of the cards in your ringside pile matter,  especially after playing some cards like volley this?

2. I assume mid-match actions still count as actions for the purpose of reversals or do they require reversals specifically for mid-match actions? But also do cards like pre-match cards that have a activated ability that say as a mid-match action put this in your ring side pile to do something does that count as a mid-match action that can be reversed by a reversal? Examples like using signed contract with Linda McMahon and someone using don't hate the player hate the game to reverse its effect also,  fans love an underdog,  Vince McMahon interferes....  ect.

3. Does discarding cards to sustain damage count as reducing the damage of the card or just the damage the player would receive?  for example if the maneuver would deal 8 damage your opponent discards one card reducing it to 6 and starts to overturn the remaining damage and overturns an elbow would it be reversed?  similarly would it count as reducing the damage for playing cards that require a maneuver of X damage to be played before it like most trademark finishers example I play bootlace opponent discards one card to sustained damage to reduce the damage to 2 would that prevent me from playing con-chair-to or does it only reduce the damage he will take but my maneuver is still X amount of damage so would I be able to play a card that requires X damage after if it wasn't reversed?

4. Does discarding from your mid-match if you're playing E&C with a card like Sucker Punch would you still draw because it's forcing you to discard? Also regarding E&C the card airplane spin (TB) because the first part is optional for them to discard their backlash deck, if they choose not to and both players have to discard their hands would e&c get to draw because that part is forced?

5. Can someone explain to a friend of mine the order of it's showtime and hold on it's not time show. I believe that it works like this and if I'm wrong please tell me.  at the start of the very first turn of the game before draw segment the player going first has priority, so as active player can you can use hold on it's not time for the show because the opponent has it's showtime in the ring area then the opponent has the option to use it's showtime and then proceed with its effect and ending the active players turn?

6. If you over sell maneuver the card "everything in the kitchen sink" it's still considered successful so the foreign objects you would get and play with it are still on the field even if you over sell it correct or would they go away? Also when you over sell a maneuver I know it blanks the text at the bottom but does it also remove its type like grapple, strike, ect?

7. The card "see how it feels" it allows you to play your opponent's trademark assuming they have one in their deck,  hand, or ringside does it override requirements to play example after a maneuver of X damage or only if you reversed a card and ended your opponents turn?

Myself and playgroup in Northern California really appreciate the help. If anyone has a link to a page or download for the most updated rules for the game for classic or virtual classic including rules for special card types like heat chain volley that would be awesome cuz comic images website doesn't have the rules  and the rule books we have are extremely old and watching gameplay on YouTube shows that some things have changed,  so that would be really appreciated thanks in advance.

I know the rules question area isn't the proper form to ask if someone could tell me which would be the proper one or just answer me that would be awesome who would the community consider the top classic Superstars and also who would be considered the top Superstars for classic virtual thank you again. I'm personally a huge fan of RVD and Mr ppv the glass Cannon and the controlling nuker
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Re: Rules questions to help out some new players PLZ & TY
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2018, 05:52:47 AM »
Alright, lots to go through here, so here...we....GO!

1. I do not believe so in this game, most players I've seen move their ringside around quite a bit, and I don't recall if there cards or effects that specifically reference something like "top card of ringside" etc.

2. Mid match actions are actions, so anything that hits an action or non-maneuver will hit a midmatch BUT there are some cards that only reverse midmatch actions too. As for pre cards that have that text, it is an out of date way of saying "ACE" basically, so no action reversal can stop it, only Activated Card Effect reversals like Don't Try This At Home can.

3. Sustaining reduces damage. If they play a 6D move and sustain to 4D, then it would be considered 4d for the next card played.

4. I'll just put there OmniFAQ section since it answers you qs i believe:
Edge and Christian
ERRATA: The ability now begins with the text: “If a maneuver or reversal played causes you to discard any number of cards above zero, you may instead choose to reveal the cards you would have discarded and draw that many cards.”
 -Their Superstar Ability will only trigger on a forced discard from a Maneuver or Reversal, regardless of who played the card.  An optional discard (such as E&C playing Flying Topé or Half Hour Suplex) will not trigger their ability.
-Their ability will work on discards from the Backlash deck, as long as the effect specifically uses the word ‘discard’.
-Their ability will not trigger when discarding to reverse a Chain card.
-If it is possible to choose to discard zero cards, their ability will not trigger, even if the discard is considered a forced discard.
-They must choose to either discard cards as normal, or draw that amount.  It cannot be split between drawing and discarding.
-It is not possible to choose to draw cards using their ability if they are not able to discard that amount of cards.
-An effect such as ‘discard your hand’ should read ‘discard # cards, where # is equal to the number of cards in your hand’.  This allows an easier interaction between E&C’s ability and card effects.
-If it is necessary to discard a particular card type, they must reveal the cards to be discarded before replacing the discard effect with a draw effect.
-Revealing # cards for this Ability, where # is also the number of cards in hand, is not the same as ‘revealing your hand’ for such triggers as Torrie Wilson, On It!

5. You would resolve Hold On first.

6. The moves have already been played when oversell becomes a legal play, so they will still resolve. Blanking effects only effect the text box unless otherwise stated.

7. If you're referring to the OG See How it Feels, then no it does not ignore any Can Only Be Played.... text so if a TMF has "Can only be played after 6D or greater maneuver" they would not be able to play it.

Hope i hit everything and I'm sure someone else will jump for future ruling questions it is always best to provide card texts, you'll get faster answers. Also, welcome!

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Re: Rules questions to help out some new players PLZ & TY
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2018, 03:08:55 PM »
Thank you so much for the reply man really appreciate it

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Re: Rules questions to help out some new players PLZ & TY
« Reply #3 on: Today at 04:55:11 AM »
So you cant no chance a fans love? Even though it specifically says:" as a midmatch action" seems odd.
Nate, where you at? :p

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Re: Rules questions to help out some new players PLZ & TY
« Reply #4 on: Today at 06:53:40 AM »
So you cant no chance a fans love? Even though it specifically says:" as a midmatch action" seems odd.
Nate, where you at? :p

As a Mid-match Action is an old term used to signal an Activated Card Effect. They do not count as an Action being played, or any card being played. So you could still play something that "Can only be played after successfully played maneuver", if you played a move and then Activated Fans Love an Underdog.
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