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Bruno Sammartino (RIP)
« on: April 18, 2018, 09:59:49 AM »
Bruno Sammartino
SHS: 7
SSV: 7

Legend Superstar Ability: Your Madison Square Garden is superstar-specific and can be packed in your backstage area.
When you are about to lose the game you may reveal it from your backstage area and remove it from the game; If you do, shuffle # cards from your ringside pile into your arsenal where # is your Superstar Value and end the current turn. Your Superstar Value cannot be decreased. You cannot pack Pre-Match cards not listed in your superstar ability. Your title belts, Through All of These Years, The Marquee Says "Wrestling"!, Living Legend (this card is not active), Back to Basics, cards with "Old School" in the title and First of All can be played during any Pre-Match Phase, are considered to have "Old School" in the title, cannot be blanked and can be played regardless of your opponent's card effects or superstar ability.  You may pack Classic Leaping Knee and it gains your logo. Your ability cannot be blanked or switched.

The Italian Superman
Backstage Area Card
While packing this card your maneuvers titled titled Bear Hug, Hammerlock, Abdominal Stretch, Arm Bar, Arm Drag, Belly to Back Suplex, Body Slam, Dropkick, Full Nelson, Hip Toss, Flurry of Strikes, Big boot and Shoulder Block are considered Superstar-Specific and Chain.
Your maneuvers titled Bear Hug and Hammerlock are Trademark Finishers Instead.

The Italian Strongman
If your opponent has played a card with "reversed" or "respond" this turn you may place this card from any area into your ring.
ACE: While this card is in your ring area you may discard two cards, remove two cards in your ringside from the game and place one card titled "Living Legend" from your ring area into your ringside pile to reverse any card and end your opponent's turn
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