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The Mae Young Classic
« on: January 19, 2018, 06:54:56 PM »
The Mae Young Classic
(Mae Young Logo)
Pre-Match Pay-Per-View Event
Cannot be blanked.
While packing this card you may pack "Classic Competitor" and 3 D or greater manuvers that are printed 0 F with "Classic" in the title, despite your superstar ability (even if they are multi) but you cannot pack non-superstar-specific arsenal or backlash cards with "Female" or "Diva" in the text (Except for Puppies! Puppies!). You may pack 3 copies of "Desperate Struggle". Your maneuvers with "Classic" in the title are considered 3 D or less for your card titled "Desperate Struggle".  If your card titled "Puppies! Puppies!" is played after a maneuver with "Classic" in the title your opponent cannot respond to it. 
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