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Comparing English Football and NFL Clubs


So last week, it was announced that Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium would host a Seahawks/Raiders game. So that got me thinking.......what NFL team equates to which English club? After some thought, here's what I've got:

Pittsburgh = Manchester United: The most successful in their respective leagues and perennial contenders, and both having grating, entitled fanbases.

Kansas City = Arsenal: Two clubs that tease being contenders before flaming out spectacularly, with head coaches who are stubborn and loyal to a fault to their players.

Philadelphia = West Ham: Underachievers with fanbases that're far more dangerous than the teams.

New England = Chelsea: Not notable until very recently, and also incredibly shady with their dealings.

Oakland = Millwall: Both have teams and fans that are infamous for their propensity to violent behavior.

Washington = Newcastle United: Two historical clubs in long declines, with owners that are universally despised by their respective fanbases.

NY Jets = Tottenham Hotspur: Underachievers from the big city who everyone hates for some reason that isn't evident.

Green Bay = Burnley: Smallest of markets, with historical dominance in the 60s as well as fanbases that're bigger outside the city they're based in.

Dallas = Liverpool: Storied, successful clubs, with both team management and their fanbases living 25 years in the past.

Cleveland = Sunderland: Two clubs that have declined to a degree that should be impossible for them.

Minnesota = Aston Villa: Historically snakebitten teams who are far removed from their glory days.

Cincinnati = Stoke City: Clubs consisting of a collection of talented but dirty players, but with fairly sane fanbases.

LA Rams = MK Dons: Clubs with success in the not-too-distant past that were moved from their original homes by heartless, money-grubbing owners.

That's what I've got for now. And just so people know, Tottenham Hotspur is my club, so I'm being equal in ripping everyone.


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