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Re: Rumble Pre-show - The 12th Annual TCO ONLINE RAW DEAL Royal Rumble
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Hey maybe the Singh's come in right away and dominate. Maybe we have a 3 on 3 right off with all of The New Day as well.

Good luck to all the TCO Royal Rumble participants.

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Re: Rumble Pre-show - The 12th Annual TCO ONLINE RAW DEAL Royal Rumble
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Let's do this, I've killed legends and am the hatred of the WWE fans, I'm ready to frustrate and disappoint.
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Re: FULL RESULTS - The 12th Annual TCO ONLINE RAW DEAL Royal Rumble
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The numbers in brackets located to the right of all lines of text indicate how many wrestlers are in the ring after the line of text has resolved.

Now let us all find out who drew number 1!


Jinder Mahal (Drywall) enters #1 (1)

And introducing the man that drew number 2!


Big E (Ekhari) enters #2 (2)

Mahal rushes Big E and takes him down with a big clothesline (2)
Mahal pick up Big E, Big E locks in a bear hug (2)
Mahal breaks the bear hug with an eye rake (2)
Both men stumble away from each other, E-Train on Mahal (2)
Mahal gets out of the ring between the second and top rope, Mahal is on the apron (2)
Big E walks into a big right hand from Mahal, Mahal grabs Big E in a snapmare and takes him over the tope (2)
Big E is eliminated by Mahal (1)
Mahal gets back in the ring a gets a breather (removes 1 hit from himself) (1)

Kenny Omega (Buddha Dudley) enters #3 (2)
(Jim Ross: What?! Jerry Lawler: Wow JR! This guy is huge in Japan. I can't believe he's in the Royal Rumble! Jim Ross: Kenny Omega is one of the biggest names in wrestling today! Oh my god! Jerry Lawler: He just went to war with Jericho. Is Jericho in the Rumble?! Jim Ross: Not that I know of. This is going to be damn interesting!)
Omega quickly overpowers Mahal and spikes him with a double underhook piledriver (2)
Mahal is dead weight (2)
Jax enters #4 (3)
(Jim Ross: We have our first woman in the 2018 Royal Rumble. Jerry Lawler: Nia has to take on Kenny Omega JR!)
Omega walks towards Jax, pop-up samoan drop on Omega (3)
Jax smirks at a prone Omega, EXCLAMATION POINT! crushes Omega (Queenmaker hits for 5!) (3)
Omega makes a weak recovery (3)
Mahal and Omega stagger to their feet as Jax backs off (3)
Mahal staggers to the ropes, Omega wobbles towards him, a sudden V-TRIGGER smashes Mahal (3)
Mahal is eliminated by Omega (2)
Jax jumps on Omega and hammers him into a corner (Queenmaker hits for 3!) (2)
Omega ties up Jax, RAIN TRIGGER on Jax (2)
Rusev enters #5 (3)
Rusev beats on Jax (3)
Jax and Omega work over Rusev (3)
Omega is a CARDIO KING (3)
Omega can't lift Jax over the top (3)
Rusev makes a big recovery while he wails on Jax (3)
Jax and Omega double team Rusev, Jax recovers (3)
V-TRIGGER on Rusev (3)
Rusev saves himself from Omega (3)
Omega fully recovers! (3)
Rusev nails Jax with a forearm (3)
Asuka enters #6 (4)
Asuka stands in a corner away from the action (4)
Omega goes for Asuka, Jax blindsides Omega with a huge clothesline that takes Omega over the top (4)
In the HEAT OF THE RUMBLE Omega gets caught up in the ropes and simply falls back into the ring (4)
Rusev lays into Asuka (4)
Omega dropkicks Asuka (4)
Asuka is eliminated by Omega (3)
(Jerry Lawler: Oh man JR. Omega nailed Asuka. I think she's hurt. Jim Ross: That's what worried me King. That is our first female casualty. It won't be our last.)
Jax moves to a corner and looks down at Asuka (3)
Rusev goes at it with Omega (3)

Ronda Rousey (dilbert505) w/QUEENMAKER enters #7 (4)
(Jerry Lawler: No way! No way! Jim Ross: One of the baddest women on the planet is about to enter the Royal Rumble!)
Rousey sizes up Jax and Omega, Rousey starts to punch away at Omega (Queenmaker hits for 1) (4)
Omega gives it back to Rousey (4)
Rusev can't move Jax (4)
Samir enters #8 (5)
Rousey beats up Samir (Queenmaker hits for 3) (5)
Jax makes a big recovery (5)
Omega is fully recovered again! (5)
Tamina enters #9 (6)
Rousey roundhouse kicks Samir (6)
Samir is eliminated by Rousey (5)
MACHKA KICK on Jax (5)
Jax is eliminated by Rusev (4)
(Jerry Lawler: Oh no. Nia was looking pretty good in there JR. Jim Ross: She has nothing to be ashamed of. The luck of the draw definitely got to her.)
Bálor enters #10 (5)
Bálor and Tamina wallop Omega (5)
Omega saves himself from Bálor+Tamina, Omega is READY TO RUMBLE (RTR does not respawn) (5)
Rousey hooks Rusev and starts delivering knee strikes, Rusev is dazed, Rousey pushes Rusev against the ropes and runs at him with a forearm shot (5)
Rusev is eliminated by Rousey (4)
(Jim Ross: A big elimination for Rowdy Ronda Rousey! Jerry Lawler: It wasn't Rusev's day I guess!)
A groggy Rusev gets up on the apron and tries to get back in the ring, the refs try and stop him (4)
Rousey hip tosses Tamina towards the ropes just as Rusev pulls down on the top rope (4)
Tamina sails over the top (4)
Tamina is eliminated by Rousey (special assist to Rusev) (3)
Omega beats on Bálor and makes a huge recovery (3)
Rousey interjects herself and gets worked over by Bálor and Omega (3)
Rousey grabs Bálor in a standing ARMBAR (3)
Bálor in agony makes his way to the ropes, he tries to break the hold, Bálor loops his free arm over the top rope, Rousey suddenly releases the hold and grabs Bálor by the legs and tries to flip him out (3)
Bálor is eliminated by Rousey (2)
Omega and Rousey star each other down from across the ring (2)
Jerry Lawler: This is great JR! What a showdown! Jim Ross: This has been awesome King! I feel for number eleven.)
Omega (start) and Rousey (end) switch ring positions (due to snake eyes, Rousey is now at start) (2)
Rousey recovers, standing ARMBAR on Omega (2)
Omega recovers, Omega counters and lifts Rousey up on his shoulders, ONE-WINGED ANGEL crushes Rousey into the mat (2)
Omega and Rousey are both down (2)
Rousey slowly gets up and crawls to a corner (2)
Omega gets up to a knee (2)
Reigns enters #11 (3)
Reigns unloads on Rousey and Omega (3)
Rousey recovers and catches Omega in a standing headlock (3)
Omega saves himself from Rousey (3)
Rousey climbs onto the second turnbuckle and comes off on Omega with an axehandle, Omega counters with a dropkick to Rousey's chin (3)
HHH enters #12 (4)
HHH scores a leaping knee into Omega's face (4)
Reigns takes up a defensive position in a corner (4)
Rousey and Omega work over HHH, Omega whips HHH into Rousey, she hooks HHH and delivers a PEDIGREE (4)
Rousey and Omega pick up HHH and throw him over the top (4)
HHH saves himself from Rousey+Omega, HHH is RUMBLE ROYALTY (4)
Omega spins Rousey around, she spins around with a roundhouse kick, Omega ducks it, V-TRIGGER nails Rousey (4)
An enraged HHH gets up and goes to town, everyone in the ring takes a beating (4)
HHH and Rousey double clothesline each other, HHH remains standing and runs Rousey towards the ropes (4)
Rousey is eliminated by HHH (3)
(Jim Ross: And The Game eliminates Ronda Rousey! Jerry Lawler: Somewhere Stephanie McMahon is smiling. I was hoping she would stay in there JR. I wanted to see her face off against Brock Lesnar or team up with him. Jim Ross: That was easily the most impressive showing to date in the Royal Rumble by a woman.)
Omega saves himself from Reigns (3)
Lesnar enters #13 (4)
Lesnar whips Omega into the ropes and follows up with a clothesline (4)
Omega saves himself from Lesnar, Omega is RUMBLE ROYALTY (4)
English enters #14 (5)
DIRECTOR'S CUT on Omega, English tries to get Omega out (5)
Omega is eliminated by English (4)
(Jim Ross: Buddha Dudley has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble by Dizzy. Jerry Lawler: Look at Aiden English celebrate. Jim Ross: Well Omega was really worn down. He went through a war in there. Jerry Lawler: Yeah, but English was still the one that got him. I would celebrate. The Cleaner has been cleaned out.)
F-5!!! (4)
Reigns is eliminated by Lesnar (3)
HHH goes to a neutral corner (3)
Styles enters #15 (4)
It's a free for all in the ring (4)
Natalya enters #16 (5)
Natalya and Styles go after HHH but cannot get on the same page offensively (5)
Bayley enters #17 (6)
HHH is able to work his way out of the middle of the ring to a free corner (6)
Angle enters #18 (7)
Angle goes right after HHH (7)
Kingston enters #19 [8]
Kingston immediately takes up cover in an empty corner [8]
HHH recovers and chops away at Bayley and Natalya [8]
PELÉ KICK on English [8]
English is eliminated by Styles (7)
(Jim Ross: Dizzy has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble by ins9145. Jerry Lawler: There was a lot of English on that kick.)
Nakamura enters #20 [8]
Bayley and Styles unleash an impressive offense against Lesnar [8]
Natalya and Angle get HHH up in a double suplex [8]
HHH is eliminated by Natalya+Angle (7)
(Jim Ross: skudz has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble by Greatjawa+ins9145. Jerry Lawler: Oh no! That won't make Stephanie smile!)
F-5 on Styles (7)
Zayn enters #21 [8]
Kingston attacks everyone in the ring except Styles and Lesnar [8]
Styles makes a minor recovery [8]
Zayn (start) and Lesnar (end) switch ring postions (due to snake eyes, Lesnar is now at start) [8]
Lesner recovers [8]
Lesnar takes Kingston to suplex city [8]
Kingston is eliminated by Lesnar (7)
Natalya wrist locks Angle, Angle quickly counters it into a wrist lock of his own, Angle flings Natalya into the ropes (7)
Natalya has been eliminated by Angle (6)
Bayley and Styles gang up on Zayn (6)
Zayn is eliminated by Styles (5)
Lesnar levels Angle (5)
Angle saves himself from Nakamura+Bayley, Angle is READY TO RUMBLE (RTR does not respawn) (5)
Bayley makes a huge recovery and lays into Styles (5)
Bayley is assaulted by Styles and Angle (5)
Bayley is eliminated by Angle (4)
(Jim Ross: Mitch! has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble by ins9145. That was disgusting King. Jerry Lawler: I agree. Styles and Angle went too far in there.)
Strowman enters #22 (5)
Strowman pounds on Nakamura (5)
Lesnar deals massive damage to Strowman (5)
Styles and Angle are dismantling Nakamura (5)
Angle goes in for the kill, Nakamura is against the ropes, Angle charges, Nakamura in desperation backdrops Angle (5)
Angle is eliminated by Nakamura (4)
Roode enters #23 (5)
Roode and Nakamura take on Lesnar (5)
PELÉ KICK on Nakamura, in the HEAT OF THE RUMBLE Nakamura collapses into a corner near Roode (5)
Roode recovers (5)
Lesnar saves himself from Roode+Nakamura (5)
Strowman and Styles trade shots (5)
Rollins enters #24 (6)
Rollins hits a potshot on Roode (6)
Orton enters #25 (7)
Orton strikes on Rollins (7)
Owens enters #26 [8]
Rollins saves himself from Orton [8]
Nakamura and Roode go after Strowman, they have second thoughts and back off instead [8]
Styles is eliminated by Strowman (7)
(Jim Ross: ins9145 has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble by CreedP.)
Lesnar saves himself from Strowman (7)
Lesnar gets a short rest (7)
Woods enters #27 [8]
RKO on Roode [8]
Roode is eliminated by Orton (7)
Nakamura saves himself from Strowman (7)
Rollins is a CARDIO KING (7)
Sunil enters #28 [8]
Sunil hides in a corner [8]
Rollins makes it to a neutral corner [8]
Nakamura saves himself from Lesnar [8]

Daniel Bryan (WC Champ) enters #29 (9)
(Jim Ross: DANIEL BRYAN?! IT'S DANIEL BRYAN! Jerry Lawler: I'm speechless JR! Jim Ross: Is this actually happening?! Jerry Lawler: YES! YES! YES!)
Rollins Irish whips Bryan, Bryan reverses it and connects with KNEE PLUS (9)
Banks enters #30 (10)
(Jim Ross: There are no more wrestlers to enter the Royal Rumble. The wrestlers left in the ring are: Sasha Banks (WC Champ), Daniel Bryan (WC Champ), Seth Rollins (Greatjawa), Sunil Singh (Drywall), Xavier Woods (Ekhari), Kevin Owens (BigPimpin), Randy Orton (Theren), Braun Strowman (CreedP), Brock Lesnar (dilbert505), and Shinsuke Nakamura (rated SRH). Jerry Lawler: The only way a woman can win this Royal Rumble now is if Sasha Banks takes it all.)
Rollins saves himself from Bryan (10)
Owens recovers (10)
Orton saves himself from Owens (10)
Lesnar saves himself from Strowman (10)
Nakamura moves towards Bryan (10)
Sunil is eliminated by Banks (9)
(Jim Ross: Drywall has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble by WC Champ.)
Nakamura saves himself from Bryan+Banks, Nakamura is RUMBLE ROYALTY (9)
Rollins saves himself from Woods (9)
Orton saves himself from Strowman (9)
Banks recovers and strikes Nakamura, Nakamura no sells her offense (9)
Rollins is eliminated by Owens [8]
(Jim Ross: Greatjawa has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble by BigPimpin.)
Orton slithers to a neutral corner [8]
Bryan distracts Nakamura from Banks and both men lock up, Banks goes low and kicks Nakamura in the groin, Nakamura writhes in pain against the ropes, Banks upends him [8]
Nakamura is eliminated by Banks (7)
(Jim Ross: rated SRH has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble by WC Champ. Jerry Lawler: Yes yes low blow JR! Jim Ross: It's the little things in life right King. Jerry Lawler: Little things?)
Orton saves himself from Bryan (7)
Banks saves herself from Woods (7)
Lesnar saves himself from Owens+Orton (7)
Woods is eliminated by Bryan (6)
(Jim Ross: Ekhari has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble by WC Champ.)
Orton is eliminated by Owens (5)
(Jim Ross: Theren has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble by BigPimpin.)
Strowman recovers (5)
Banks moves behind Bryan into a corner (5)
Lesnar gets a rest (removes 1 hit) (5)
Banks recovers and clocks Owens (5)
Strowman hits Lesnar with a RUNNING POWERSLAM, Strowman picks up Lesnar and tries to toss him out of the ring (5)
Lesnar is eliminated by Strowman (4)
(Jim Ross: dilbert505 has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble by CreedP. Jerry Lawler: Strowman is gonna win this!!! He’s my pick!)
Owens saves himself from Banks+Bryan (4)
Owens saves himself from Banks+Bryan, Owens is RUMBLE ROYALTY (4)
Banks is eliminated by Owens (3)
(Jerry Lawler: Owens finally got Banks while Bryan was tied up with Strowman. Jim Ross: Her and Bryan made a great team in there while it lasted.)
Bryan sees the elimination of Banks and breaks away from Strowman and pummels Owens (3)
Strowman charges in with a big boot, Bryan moves out of the way, it connects with Owens (3)
Owens is eliminated by Strowman (2)
(Jim Ross: BigPimpin has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble by CreedP.)
Bryan kicks at Strowman's legs (2)
Strowman takes a step and crumbles to one knee! (2)
Bryan continues his YES! Kicks offense (2)
Strowman springs up and locks up with Bryan, Strowman easily overpowers Bryan (2)
Strowman gets Bryan up in the powerslam position, Bryan slides out of Strowman's grasp, Strowman turns around and is greeted with a KNEE PLUS to the face (2)
Strowman swings and smacks Bryan with a huge forearm (2)
Bryans steps back and keeps firing kicks at Strowman's legs (2)
Strowman snags Bryan in a chokehold (2)
Strowman whips Bryan into the ropes, big clothesline is ducked by Bryan, Bryan rebounds and connects with KNEE PLUS (2)
Strowman staggers but he is able to grab Bryan in a chokehold and lifts Bryan up in the air, Strowman walks Bryan to the ropes and tries to dump him over (2)
Bryan saves himself from Strowman, Bryan is READY TO RUMBLE (RTR does not respawn) (2)
Both men are gasping for breath on the mat (2)
Strowman rests for a moment (removes 1 hit from himself)
Strowman makes a big recovery, he stands up with Bryan attached and drops back down on his back crushing Bryan (2)
Strowman tosses Bryan over the top, Bryan puts the brakes on (2)
Bryan saves himself from Strowman (2)
Strowman slugs Bryan and tries to chuck him out again (2)
Bryan saves himself from Strowman (2)
Bryan escapes Strowman and connects with a dropkick from the second turnbuckle (2)
Strowman is blown up (2)
Bryan will not stop, YES! Kicks (2)
Strowman needs a second wind, he is a punching bag (2)
Bryan lands kick after kick (2)
Strowman suddenly grabs Bryan's leg and powers Bryan up over his head, he launches Bryan out of the ring (2)
Bryan grabs the top rope, Bryan saves himself from Strowman, Bryan is RUMBLE ROYALTY (2)
Bryan is on the apron and Strowman is in the ring (2)
Strowman charges with a big boot, Bryan pulls down the top rope and catches Strowman with it as it snaps back up, Strowman has crotched himself on the tope rope, Bryan grabs the rope and shakes it up and down adding to Strowman's pain (2)
Strowman tries to clothesline Bryan off the apron while still caught on the top rope, Bryan ducks it and gets back in the ring (2)
Bryan tries to kick Strowman off the top rope, Strowman is able to get off the top rope and back into the ring (2)
Both men are at their max hits (6 and 12) (2)
Strowman is dazed, unable to launch any offense, Strowman goes down to a knee (2)
Bryan measures Strowman for a huge YES! Kick (2)
In the HEAT OF THE RUMBLE Bryan makes a bad BOTCH in the ring as he rolls his ankle, he is down (2)
Strowman gets up and falls back into a corner but remains standing (removes 1 hit from himself) (2)
Strowman regains his senses and picks up the possibly injured Bryan, Bryan pushes Strowman back into the ropes and tries to eliminate him (2)
Bryan cannot budge Strowman off the mat (2)
Strowman grabs Bryan and pitches him over the top (2)
Bryan saves himself from Strowman (2)
Bryan is on the apron (2)
Strowman is out of breath (2)
Bryan bounds back in the ring and surprises Strowman from behind, Bryan gets Strowman to the ropes near a corner but still cannot budge him off the mat (2)
Both refs rush to the side where both superstars are battling (2)
Strowman turns into Bryan and powers him up and out of the ring with a backdrop near the corner just as the refs are coming around it (2)
Bryan sails out of the ring and lands on both refs, the refs are out cold (2)
Strowman is celebrating in the ring, Bryan gets up and looks around, seeing both refs unconscious Bryan gets back in the ring and dropkicks Strowman in the back (2)
(Jerry Lawler: Is this over JR?! Or is this still going?! Jim Ross: I don't have a damn clue! That was some bad positioning by the ringside officials. I guess until the bell rings this is not over. Are we going to get new refs down here? I have never seen this before in the Royal Rumble. Both refs at ringside taken out at the same time!)
Strowman falls forward into the ropes from the dropkick, Bryan still cannot lift Strowman (2)
Two new refs are running down to ringside (2)
Strowman bellows and lifts up Bryan in a triangle choke, Strowman locks it and keeps it on until Bryan is seemingly passed out (2)
Strowman drops Bryan over the top rope (2)


Most Eliminations:
Rousey (4 - dilbert505), Strowman (4 - CreedP)
ALL TIME RECORD (30 man): Batista (9 - MrPeoplesTeam)

Most Player Eliminations:
CreedP (4)
ALL TIME RECORD (30 man): TimJR [8]

Most Saves:
Bryan (5 - WC Champ)
ALL TIME RECORD (30 man): Rock (10 - JDub), Punk (10 - Queensryche), Ryder (10 - Homeless)

Longest In the Rumble:
Strowman (36 consecutive rounds - CreedP)
ALL TIME RECORD (30 man): Luger (56 consecutive rounds - Phenominal1)

Rumble Length:
72 rounds
NEW RECORD (30 man): 2018 Royal Rumble (72 rounds)
ALL TIME RECORD (40 man): Royal Rumble REVENGE Match (73 rounds)

CONGRATULATIONS CreedP, you have FINALLY won the TCO Royal Rumble! And you did so in easily the longest closing 1-on-1 face off in TCO Rumble history.
The 2 out of 30 rule which I did not delve into previously. The final two wrestlers this year, one of them would have to be eliminated twice in order for there to be a winner. Even if this rule was not instituted, the end of this Rumble would have still gone on until round 71!!!
Last year HS12 Goldberg had that huge round where he removed all 12 hits from himself. During this Rumble Strowman came in at a nice late number, and he kept recovering. All the time! I didn’t mark all recoveries when 1 or 2 hits are removed, but Strowman had plenty.
If Strowman wasn't so on point, and if Owens could have been eliminated with Bryan and Sasha remaining at the end, there might have been a different outcome. Strowman was simply out of control with everything breaking his way. He didn't even use his READY TO RUMBLE or RUMBLE ROYALTY! Nonsense!
At the end he had a lot of whiffs against Bryan but then luck countered with that terrible Bryan BOTCH. Strowman (and CreedP) could not be beat this day.
All the big surprises also hit too. Omega, Rousey and Bryan. I enjoyed the Omega/Rousey face off.
I hope everyone enjoyed the TCO Royal Rumble!
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Re: FULL RESULTS - The 12th Annual TCO ONLINE RAW DEAL Royal Rumble
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These are always fun to read!! Thank you for running it and congrats to Creed for winning it!!
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