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Superstar Spotlight: <R> Elijah Burke
« on: January 20, 2018, 03:25:49 AM »
Alright, here it is the return of Superstar Spotlight! Just for a refresher, if you are curious about ANY superstar send me a message and I'll spotlight your request. This will include Revolution superstars as well. I will also allow for previously done superstars to be revisited as well. This game changes with every set, so I have no issue with repeated superstars. That being said here is our next superstar.

Please keep those requests coming. Today's is another 'request' in <R> Elijah Burke!!!!!

1.)  How viable is this superstar?
2.)  Is there a Superstar Specific Card that you'd like to spotlight? 
3.)  How have you built said superstar?  How did it work out?
4.)  How well does the Superstar fare in whichever format you built them in be it VC/VAA/NXT/VR/Non-Virtual
5.)  Final Thoughts on this Superstar?


6.) Since this Superstar is a Legacy one (in that he was in the game before Virtual) can you elaborate a little on how Virtual has changed this Superstar?

Revolution Elijah Burke
Starting Hand Size: 5     Superstar Value: 2
Extremist Ability: Once during each of your turns, you may put 1 card from your hand and 1 card from your Ringside on the bottom of your Arsenal: draw up to 2 cards.

Revolution Leader of the New Breed
Pre-match: Event
You are considered to have Revolution The New Breed and 2 other cards with 'The New Breed' in the text in your Ring.
Your printed Means played from hand are instead Colossals and +4F.
Unique     ECW logo

Revolution 4UP-percut Combo
Trademark: Core: Follow-up: Card
Your opponent overturns 4 cards.
F: 4     D: 4     Unique     chest / head     ECW logo

Revolution Burke’s Flying Shoulder Block
Trademark: Mean
Put up to 4 cards from your Ringside on the bottom of your Arsenal: draw up to 2 cards.
F: 14     D: 8     Unique     chest     ECW logo

Revolution The Elijah Express
Trademark: Colossal: Follow-up: Card
If you have fewer cards in hand than your opponent: this card has
F: 20     D: 20     Unique     back     ECW logo

Revolution The Silver-Tongued Pugilist
Antic / Reversal: Antic or Hybrid
Antic: When you have fewer cards in hand: cannot be reversed from Backlash.
When you have fewer cards in hand: draw cards until you have the same number of cards in hand.
F: 4     D: 4     Unique     ECW logo
Chance Favors the Prepared Mind.

Top 8 at Gen Con 2014 Finished top 4 Gen Con 2015

25 Time Castle Comics Champion

Leader of the Raw Deal Main Event Mafia

Heisenberg of Raw Deal