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The Eliminators
« on: December 31, 2017, 12:19:04 AM »
The Eliminators
Hand Size: 6
Superstar Value: 3
ECW Superstar Ability: You may remove a maneuver in your hand from the game to reverse your opponent's maneuver of the same type. You cannot pack non-maneuver cards in your arsenal (except reversals with "Don't" in the title). Your opponent's Venue cards with "loses" or "cannot" in the text are blank. You may pack Saturn specific maneuvers. You are a Tag Team.

Total Elimination
Trademark Finisher/Reversal: Card
As a maneuver, -20F.
When you would remove this card from the game for your Superstar Ability, instead put it on the bottom of your arsenal, and your opponent overturns 3 cards
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F: 50 D: 25

No Remorse
Backstage Area
Cannot be blanked
Your opponent's maneuvers with a reversal restriction do not have it.
Your reversals are considered both Hybrid and Non-Hybrid for your Opponent's card effects.
Once during each of your turns, when you have less than two cards in your hand, you may draw two cards.
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Managed by Jason Knight
Pre-Match: Manager
When the card removed for your Superstar Ability is a foreign object, or has "Suplex" in the title, instead put it on the bottom of your arsenal.
F:0 D:0
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