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Charlotte V8
« on: December 16, 2017, 07:14:32 PM »

NXT Breakout Star
Genetically Superior
Backed By Dana Brooke
All Shenanigans
Feminine Wiles
All Sigs
5th and 10th

I’m Always on the Winning Side – My Side
Tech in a Bottle (Quick Snap Body Slam)
Product Endorsements
Give Em High Fives (OG)
Daughter of the Nature Boy
Backed by the BFFs
Premier Smackdown
Vince Interferes
Marquee Says Wrestling
Playing by the Rules
Four Horsewomen of NXT

If You’re Gonna Do it…Do It with Flair
Team PCB
Flawless Transition
Road to Victory
Skirt the Issue
Cow On Ice
Restricted Use
4x This is Just the Beginning

Charlotte’s Chop
Quick Snap Body Slam
Precision Clothesline
Figure Eight
Figure Four Headlock
Charlotte’s Moonsault
Natural Selection
3x Precision Figure Four
3x Figure Four Leg Lock
2x Reverse Clothesline

Ref Takes a Bump
Beautiful Fierce Females
Few Heel Men
Nature Girl
Get a Look At These
2x Candice: Internet Icon
Here Comes the Cavalry!
The NXT Generation

3x Once Is enough
2x Step Aside
2x Escape Move
2x Reach for the Ropes
2x Oversell
2x Elbow to the Face
2x Volley This
Sidewalk Slam
2x Leg Drag
2x Nerve Hold
2x F Out
Flair Flop
Carlito Says
Youthful Agility
Boss Gets Involved
Charlotte’s Web
3x Sloppy

Had this deck built as heel for over 12 months and recently switched to face before the tournament today. I think, overall, it was much more effective as a Face deck. Had 1 win by pin, 1 win by count-out and 3 double-losses (due to time limit). This deck can turtle like crazy, but has a tough time pulling off the W in 45 minutes.

I think the weakest point is, and always has been the pre-match. I think there's wiggle room with Marquee, Backed by the BFFs and Always on my Winning Side, so open to suggestions there.

The mid-match is tight. I played all 12 cards today at least 3 times in my 5 matches today.

I might look for room for another Get A Look At These, but another suggestion to put away an opponent other than by chucking huge submissions every turn is appreciated.

Any other glaring holes I am missing?