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Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon
« on: December 11, 2017, 03:15:33 PM »
Shane McMahon
Handsize: 0+
Superstar Value: 2+
GM Superstar Ability: You may pack enforcers in your backstage area. If you are, your arsenal may only contain 50 cards. If you are not, your Hand Size is +6 and your Superstar Value is +2. You may Reveal one enforcer and choose one enforcer. You cannot pack maneuvers unless they are strikes with the word "Punch" in the title, foreign objects, unique non-Run-In High Risks, or Sidewalk Slam. Ignore the "can only be played..." text on your unique High Risks. You may pack cards with the Shane O'Mac logo, and you are considered that superstar for your McMahonism.

Shane's Insane Spot
Trademark Finisher
When you have 10 or fewer cards in your arsenal, and lower F, this card is F:0.
When not successfully played, you lose the game via pinfall victory.
F: 50 D: 100

Shane O Shuffle
When played, you may immediately play any number of maneuvers in your hand with the word "Punch" in the title. They are played in the order of your choice after this card. Resolve each card's effects and damage before the next card is considered played. After all of these cards have been played, if any have been reversed, your turn ends.
F: 4 D: 0
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