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Sami Zayn Fantasy
« on: December 06, 2017, 02:42:39 AM »
Action + Action/Reversal:Special
As an action, this card requires 3 reversal instead of 2, and ignore completely on your opponent's reversal cards. Put any numbers of Fans Loves An Underdog from any area into your Ring and replace "8" with "25" in text.
An a reversal, reverse any non-maneuver card or any activated card effect and end your opponent turn.
F:4 D:0

…Double Check! (+ Kevin Owens logo)
Reversal: Special
When you are Sami Zayn, Can only be played when Check! is in your Ring.
Reverse any card and end your opponent turn. Draw 2 cards and during your next turn when you activate NXT breakout star, the number of cards that you overturn is reduce to 0.
F:10 D:0

…Triple Check!
Reversal: Special
Reverse any non-maneuver and end your opponent turn. Remove 3 cards from his Ringside and he discard 3 cards. When your opponent is Shane O Mac or Daniel Bryan, double the number in text.
F:20 D:2

YEP! YEP! YEP! (+ Kevin Owens logo)
Pre-Match Event
Can be played during any phrase. Cannot be blanked.
Cannot be packed when packing Fight, Owens, Fight!.
When your opponent is Daniel Bryan, he may hide YES! YES! YES!. If he does not, his handsize is -3.
At the end of your Pre-match phrase, you may search your arsenal for 3 non-unique maneuver with the same type and put it under this card. You may play them as if from hand. If you do not search, your handsize is +2.
F:0 D:0

The YEP! Movement (+ Kevin Owens logo)
Mid-match Action + Action
When A No Show is in your Ring, once during your turn, you may draw up to 4 cards and put the same number of card drawn +1 at the bottom of your Arsenal.
When you have more than 4 maneuver card in Ring, when you successfully played this card, draw up to 2 cards.
F:12 D:0
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