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SG VR Survivor Series 2017 Personal Results
« on: November 26, 2017, 07:25:01 AM »
Results can be found,17550.0.html

In general, I felt that this tournament was the best out of the recent cycles. The ideas floating around was both well polished and refreshing, and everyone bought their A game without making the thing too tensed. 7 people tournament was a comfortable size for round robin and we completed out 6 games in little over 2 hours. Congrats to Calvin for being the champ and taking home an alt art full set Rey Mysterio. Daniel came in close at 2nd place, earning him a alt art full Ric Flair set. This was Calvin's 2nd tourney only and he managed to claw up from a 0-5 score from VR TLC to a 4-2 score this time round. Daniel also came out strong, improving from a 1-6 score in April to a 4-2 score this time round. Congrats to both!

I went with a Great Khali deck, which I was determined to make it work after I failed terribly last cycle with a 0-5 score. This time round I did 3-3, which isnt so bad, considering Khali storyline as a weaker ability of the 2.

Great Khali (P) vs Jerishow
This was an interesting match because both decks utilised Ring Pyschology: Leg as the main tactic. Luckily, I was able to get fort early on in the game, while locking him with several One Solutions. Once I got him stuck in 3 to 6F, I went in hard with Khali's Colossals and that cleared out his hand, AND his ring. Valiant effort and minor comeback from desperate Assault and some Double Leg Lock Crabs protected by 4ever: No Mercy, but it was too late as I out-legged Calvin for this game. Still, he managed to top the tourney. Congrats for improving from last in the previous tourney to becoming the champ!

Great Khali (P) vs Shawn Michaels
This was another exciting match because it was one of the games that I everything about my Khali stall deck came into play. Khali started off slow while Shawn came in with maneuver after maneuver. But the recovery of Khali allowed him to outlast Shawn. Started the game with a Scissors Hold, pinned Shawn with a Scissors Hold with 2 cards in arsenal.

Great Khali (P) vs Elijah Burke
Both being a recovery deck, we both knew speed had to come into play, and we tried to get as much damage in as possible. My Double Leg Lock Crab and his Colossals went head to head. Luckily, I managed to hit in a series of momentum to thin down his arsenal. Chop block > momentum-ed Working On The Knee, momentum-ed Powerful and Devastating. As I knew he was playing extremes, I purposely kept Arms Raised In Triumph which makes opponent overturn 7. I bide my time and managed to get him to 6 cards, and hit a well timed reversal to win a hard fought match.

Great Khali  vs Kofi Kingston (P)
This game was the direct opposite of the game with Shawn, where everything didnt work as planned. Kofi literally drew 2 second sols and 3 One Sols, pretty much locking me for early game. There wasn't much mid game either since his Inverted Body Blocks and specific pre-match allowed him to recover as much as possible. But then again, Kofi had an array of maneuvers that I wouldnt have been able to predict anyway. Good game!

Great Khali  vs Hulk Hogan (P)
We play-tested multiple times and I have went up against a few Hulk Hogans including my own version, but none as annoyingly powerful as this Hogan. His ability to search for Antics and Cores allow him to connect momentum cards together, since as Cinch It In and Arm Breakers. What really stood out was the use of the 8F antics that does not allow opponent to play cards during his own turn, effectively making him overturn 6. That was Khali's weakness because he cannot reverse that rule, and he got chopped down turn after turn. No Big Boot, no leg drop, just aggression rule.

Great Khali  vs Rey Mysterio (P)
Play-test and this game didnt differ much. Three to Get Ready was the key to success for this Rey storyline deck. She just needed to get to 15F, and the momentum-ed superkicks just rain in. But revo is not just about repetitions and you must always have a plan B. So instead of using her 3rd Superkick on me knowing that I shuffled a 2nd Sol (wanted to reverse any core) or You Telegraphed it (not enough fort for Inertia), she hit a well timed Rey-Rey Bulldog to finish me off.
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