Author Topic: Deck lists for tournaments for Premiere Edition-Survivor Series 1?  (Read 357 times)

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Hi everyone. I started playing WWE Raw Deal when I was in 6th grade. I actually used to go to this site when I was little. Totally loved being on the forums and looking at all sorts of different decklists. Hell, I remember the site had a really sweet separate section where you could submit decks for others to rate. I even recall trading with people on the forums (and getting totally burned on trading away my full Brock Lesnar Set! :/ Lesson learned that day...). It's amazing seeing Antigoth's name again. I think I remember CreedP as well.

Of course, times have changed, and the game is significantly smaller than before (thankfully, it still exists). I love how everyone has done a great job of keeping the game alive.

I'm recently coming back to the game casually, and I would love to have a battle box of decks from this era of Raw Deal for my friends and I. However, I was wondering if there were any resources on tournament winning decks or decklists from this era. When my friends and I would play, we would brew up stuff until we discovered this site (back in the day), and then we would play with decks we would see in tournament reports. Boy, did that make a huge difference! We started to see synergies and "Fortitude Curves" (current Magic player...I apologize for lack of a better term). Since I'm coming back to the game, I'd like to go back to using these tournament decks for my battle box.

I'm curious if anyone has any decklists from back then. I do remember a lot of them started with Super Kick x3 and Pump Kick x 3 XD I'm not looking for any Superstars in particular, although I would love decklists for Billy Gunn, Chris Benoit, The Rock, and Trish Stratus. They were my favorite superstars to use.
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