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Repo Man
« on: October 30, 2017, 07:35:07 AM »
The Repo Man
SHS: #
SSV: 0

(Classic WWF Superstar Logo)
# is equal to your Opponent's Superstar Value.
When Superstar cards are revealed you may search your opponent's Backstage Area, Backlash Deck and Arsenal for one Object card and place it into your appropriate area; it gains the Restricted Modification Symbol and cannot be removed from your Ring Area. If you do not or do not find a card your ability is considered blank for your card effects.
You may pack up to 3 copies of "What's Mine is Mine and What's Yours is Mine", even if it's unique and even if you are packing Face and/or Fan Favorite cards. You cannot pack any Unique card without "Mine" or "blank" in the title.
Your ability cannot be blanked or switched.   

License Plate Trench Coat
Backstage Area Card
When your opponent's Superstar Ability, card or card effects force you to reveal your hand or Backlash Deck you may first place one card from the affected area into your Backstage Area; after the effects or ability has resolved you may take that same card and place it back where it originated.
Restricted Modification Symbol

From the Motor City
Pre-Match: Venue
You may play this card even if your opponent has a Venue card in his ring area. When there is a Venue card in your opponent's Ring Area you may play this card on top of it and it is considered not in his ring area.
When this card is in your ring area and you successfully play a card with blank text you may draw 1 card.
Universally Unique
Restricted Modification Symbol

Repo Man's Tow Hook
Action: Foreign Object
This card cannot be removed from the game and is not affected by Stipulation cards.
This card is not considered a Foreign Object for your opponent's reversals. Shuffle this card and up to 2 cards from your ringside pile into your arsenal. Your opponent discards 2 cards from hand, 2 cards from Backlash and overturns 2 cards.
During your turn, before your draw segment you may move this card from your ringside pile into your hand and discard 2 cards and overturn 2 cards.
F: 20
D: 0

The Crowbar
Trademark Finisher
If the next card you play this turn is the card titled "Maintain Hold" you may ignore the "Can Only Be Played After..." text.
F: 30
D: 15
SV: 2
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Re: Repo Man
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2017, 11:35:48 AM »
Man this is really good. I thought this was real for a minute. Great job man.