Author Topic: SG VR TLC 2017 personal report  (Read 293 times)

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SG VR TLC 2017 personal report
« on: October 29, 2017, 09:51:31 AM »
Staying true to the 'extreme" nature of the pay per view, I decided to run a Matt Hardy as a challenge. I actually raised up a thread to ask for feedback of how it can be built but there wasn't any response so I just went with my original play of depending on double leg lock crabs and playing all the extreme follow-ups. Didn't work out for most matches, and when it did,  it only happened nearing the end, or it just didn't go through entirely.

Game 1: vs Tajiri
Play tested before, and I switched up my arsenal cards a little, especially my choice of follow-ups. But Tajiri pushed real hard on the kicks and the lack of core reversals sealed the deal for a fast game under 10min.


Game 2: vs Tazz
Made this deck, knew exactly how it's gonna play out. But unexpectedly I faired better than the previous games because I managed to get a few moves in. The multiple antic reversals and the lack of double leg lock crabs in hand and backlash once again proved to be the key to stopping my Matt Hardy. Both players actually had less than 10 cards in arsenal.


Game 3: vs Kurt Angle
Formed this deck for a new player so I roughly knew what to expect, but I certainly didn't expect to be trashed real hard. The antic and the smart use of Singapore cane and Kurt antic was mean, and even I didn't have that in mind when I did the deck. Kudos to KM for thinking about that!


Game 4: vs Rey Mysterio
For once, I got off to a good start with maneuvers actually going in successfully. But Rey's mini core maneuvers really pushed the limits of Matt. High level game play, exploiting the use of my double leg lock crab drawing to get reversals while thinning my deck, 1 short arm clothesline and back fist at a time. Luck seemed to be on my side as I did managed to reverse using Hardy's bulldog and Side effect. But the rey reversal just puts us back to square 1. Wasn't able to continue my assault further and got crushed. Still, I went out of the game my way, choosing to self pin with aggression rule.


Game 5: vs Sabu
This victory was not deserving because I had to go against  new player and his own deck. Matt's deck did what it was intended to do, quickly hitting in Homicidal lunge, followed by flying Forearm and a matt's Moonsault. It didn't help especially that at the end of turn 3 or 4, I had all 3 2nd sol and 2 1st sol either in my ring or in hand. Sabu did have a good comeback after I ran out of reversals for desperate. But fort built was too slow for Sabu while Matt was way ahead of the curve. Managed to pin with an Inverted Body Block. Intense and close game, but I truly applaud Calvin N for his efforts!


Overall, really appreciate how new players put in the effort to come by, learn and attempt at playing their own decks. It's this sort of spirit that truly captures the emotions and meaning of the game. Sometimes it's not just the victories and loses, but the people that make each game so much more enjoyable. Matt Hardy still seems to be a difficult superstar to play, but at least I can strike him off my list for now! Will I revisit the deck? Maybe. As the saying goes, never say never!