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Unbelievable. Just..............w ow.

The United States for the first time in over 30 years isn't going to the World Cup. All the US needed was a single point against Trinidad & Tobago and they were in. The last-place team in the Hex. But instead, they go out and lose to them 2-1. This, combined with Honduras and Panama winning their matches means the US finishes fifth and out of the World Cup in 2018.

The US has the talent. In fact, we've got some of the best talent we've ever had in guys like Yedlin and Pulisic. And we had a fine manager in Jurgen Klinsmann, who might've been lacking tactically, but had done a phenomenal job of finding young dual-nationals and building up the youth system. But he made too many enemies with the USSF, mostly because he dared to speak the truth (ie. American players are better off playing in Europe and MLS isn't really a quality league) and make too many people within MLS upset. So he got sacked after two losses to open the qualifying.

So what does the USSF do in all their infinite wisdom? Rehire Bruce Arena, a tactical moron who can't recruit or develop players, with a healthy dose of American jingoism thrown in. Everything that comes out of that idiot's mouth ("MLS is a quality league", "Christian Pulisic is nowhere near what Landon Donovan was", "I'd like to see those European sissies manage in CONCACAF") made me hope for nothing but the worst for us. I'll admit it. I was hoping we wouldn't make it, because in my opinion, the USSF needed to pay for their short-sightedness and hyper-protective stance regarding MLS. Well, I got my wish.

It's humiliating that we couldn't get more points than Honduras or Panama. But this needed to happen. The USSF and Sunil Gulati in particular needed a hard punch to the face to demonstrate just how short-sighted they truly were. And I'll still be watching the World Cup next year, because I love football and the World Cup is an event like no other. But still, even though I wanted this to happen............. ....it still sucks.

If it makes you feel any better, Chile is a 2 time America Cup champion and a finalist in this year's Confederetions Cup, and we didn't classify either =(


--- Quote from: tutoman on October 11, 2017, 05:24:35 PM ---If it makes you feel any better, Chile is a 2 time America Cup champion and a finalist in this year's Confederetions Cup, and we didn't classify either =(

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the sentiment.

Still, at least for you guys, you play in CONMEBOL, which is many times more difficult than CONCACAF. The only real competition we have is Mexico and (currently) Costa Rica. We should be able to outdo Panama and Honduras. The fact that we couldn't is damning. Qualifying should be academic. Six teams play home-and-away, with top three going in automatically and fourth qualifying for a play-in. That we couldn't even qualify for a play-in is just damning. This lies at the feet of the USSF, but ESPECIALLY Sunil Gulati and Bruce Arena.

Gulati is over-protective of MLS. The only thing he's good at is making MLS owners money. Everything else he couldn't give a damn about. Overhauling our youth development? Can't be bothered. Promoting the game elsewhere? Can't be bothered. He's focused too much on filling the pockets of millionaires and billionaires with dollars instead of developing our infrastructure.

As for Bruce Arena, the man is a jingoistic idiot who thinks he's somebody because of all the MLS Cups he won with LA Galaxy. Nevermind the fact that MLS kept changing the rules every year to make it easier for him. His xenophobic refusal to play dual-national players (when every other team in the world does), his insistence that MLS is a top league in the world, and his fetish for past-their-prime MLS players are all many signs of his complete idiocy. Last night proved just how out of touch he is when he said nothing needed to change. Why he hasn't been sacked yet is a mystery to me.


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