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Wyatts and Doink help
« on: September 25, 2017, 11:30:40 PM »
I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice and some help here I have gone against the Wyatts before twice and there is one card that kind of makes it very hard to play the game it's the lantern card which pretty much make anything over F 0 hard to play is there any cards that can help me a little bit when going against the Wyatts or even donik the clown with his Superstar ability

The Lantern
Backstage Card
Cannot be packed when packing Denville, New Jersey or Dallas, Texas.
Your opponent's non-F: 0 cards are +#F, where # is half the number of your non-Backlash cards removed from the game, rounded down.
During his turn, he may overturn any number of cards and then you put the same number of your cards removed from the game on the bottom of your Arsenal.
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Re: Wyatts and Doink help
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2017, 05:06:06 AM »
Some of this depends on the superstar you're playing, but some general rules of thumb:

1. Anything with an RMS Symbol (either printed on the card or added via outside effects) is a good way to negate those abilities.  RMS cards can't have their Fortitude costs modified. 
2. Anything that reduces its Fortitude to 0, either on its own or through outside effects - the way the timing works on these is that your reductions happen first, THEN Doink/Lantern check to see if your card is F:0, and if it is, it leaves the card alone.  This works for guys like Batista (-10F on all "spine buster" or "spinebuster") or The Shield (using Believe In The Shield, -2F to Blindsides for each Blindside in your Ringside pile), but non-SS cards like Precision Kick (reduces itself to 0F with a downside) or I'm Always on Top (for each one in your ring, your maneuvers are -3F) also work somewhat well. 
3. In the case of the Lantern, it may be worth your while to overturn the cards necessary to reduce the Lantern reduction to 0.  That's a game-by-game situation you'll have to make for yourself.

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Re: Wyatts and Doink help
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2017, 05:42:46 AM »
Best advice I can give is to protect your reversals (Frankie Ho is the big one), at least if you can scratch and claw some fort with the reversals (or using reduction decks like Brian was mentioning), but also BASH decks have some really good 0F reversals (as well as legends and the like)'s not easy but it's certainly conquerable....and a few RMS cards (like shoot action) are certainly your friend too
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Re: Wyatts and Doink help
« Reply #3 on: September 26, 2017, 06:30:35 PM »
There's a few ways to tackle Wyatts and The Lantern such as having to learn to balance the overturn effect. Sometimes you gotta do it to try to gain back some tempo but don't worry if you lose, in Raw Deal there's just some decks that plain lose in certain matchups.