Author Topic: NFL 2017 Divison Winners predictions.  (Read 336 times)

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NFL 2017 Divison Winners predictions.
« on: September 05, 2017, 01:15:08 PM »
So as we enter the eve of the new season, I'd like to share my thoughts on who will win and why. 

AFC South - Tennessee Titans: Mariota has every possible weapon you'd want your team to have for offense. The South is loaded with question marks on all teams but this one. Can easily see them as a number 2 seed this season.

AFC North - Baltimore Ravens: I just have a feeling Baltimore is going to have a strong season. Love the offense with Maclin & Wallace. They do have a huge question mark at the TE position.

AFC West - Kansas City Chiefs: This may be the most underrated teams in the league. They play amazing defense & have a strong running game. Plus a very dynamic WR in Hill, in addition to Travis Kelce who is an absolute beast at TE. I know several people are aboard Oakland bandwagon. I get it they're good. I don't trust Lynch to stay healthy & make a season long impact. If he goes down the other options are not good.

AFC East - New England Patriots: The defending Super Bowl champions. This team is scary similar to the 07 talent. Brady is much older now. However Belichick always has his team in a position to win. I have concerns over Cooks ability to perform in the cold. However if they stay healthy they very well could be playing in another Super Bowl.

NFC  North - Minnesota Vikings: Last year no team stated out hotter than the Vikings. Then they fell off a cliff. In large part to a VERY poor run game. This year Bradford is another year into the offense. Adam Thielen has emerged as a fantastic playmaker. Plus the additions of Cook & Murray make for a very bright season.

NFC West - Seattle Seahawks: Every year I pick the Cardnials to win this and make a deep playoff run. Every year they do the opposite. So this year I'm picking the Seahawks. They're a very balanced team with a few O- line questions. Aside from that they have the tools to have another great season.

NFC South - Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Do not sleep on this team! Winston has a bevy of weapons to play with. One of the best in the game Mike Evans. A big play maker in Desean Jackson & will eventually get Doug Martin back. They have a criminally underrated defense that just added TJ Ward. I fully expect them to be at least a 2 seed this year.

NFC East - Giants *This changes to Cowboys if Ezekiel Elliot is eligible to play. Giants have arguably the best two WRs in Odell & Marshall. If that offensive line can buy Eli time he could have a career year in TDs this season.
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Re: NFL 2017 Divison Winners predictions.
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2017, 02:24:29 PM »
AFCS - I'll buck tradition a bit and go Houston - all four teams are flawed (who can Tennessee stop?), so I'm going with the old "champ wins ties".  Easily the 4-seed in this conference.
AFCN - Steelers.  No reason to overthink this.  Baltimore has already put, what, 9-10 people on IR and Joe's back is already barking?  Steelers will be the 3 again.
AFCW - You could pick the Chiefs or the Raiders and either one could very well be right.  One will be the 2, and one will be the 5.  I think both have improved, but I think this year Oakland will overtake KC - the Carr injury was a freak broken bone, which shouldn't become a chronic issue - and win. 
AFCE - sadly this isn't a competition.  Unless Brady gets hurt or Belicheck has a stroke, New England rolls to #1 seed.

1: NE
2: Oakland/LV
3. Pittsburgh
4. Houston
5. Kansas City
6. Tennessee

NFCS: Atlanta - again, champs until proven otherwise.  If Tampa gets stuck (functionally) without a bye week because of Hurricane Irma they're not going to do as well as expected.
NFCN: Green Bay - I don't trust Jim Caldwell enough to make the leap, and I think Minnesota is a worse team this year than they were before.
NFCW: Seattle - another roll-through methinks.  Arizona might make it interesting, but both SF and LA are on the mend.
NFCE: This one will be a dogfight.  I think Dallas' OL took a huge hit this year and if they lose Elliot for any amount of time that could be damning in a division when all four teams are relatively close.  I'll flip the Philly/NY coin and pick NY. 

1: Seattle
2: Atlanta
3: Green Bay*
4: New York*
5. Dallas*
6. Minnesota

*If the Elliott suspension is 2 or less games, then Dallas 3, GB 4, NY 5.
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Re: NFL 2017 Divison Winners predictions.
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2017, 04:49:25 PM »
AFC Division winners

1. New England Patriots
2. Pittsburgh Steelers
3. Oakland Raiders
4. Houston Texans

AFC Wild Card

5. Kansas City Chiefs
6. Tennessee Titans

Raiders or Chiefs could easily flip here, as a Raiders fan for a LONG time I'm holding out hope on a division title. However the winner isn't going to get a bye, the AFC West is too tough to rack up the wins for a bye this year I think.

NFC Division Winners

1. Atlanta Falcons
2. Seattle Seahawks
3. Green Bay Pakcers
4. New York Giants

NFC Wild Card

5. Dallas Cowboys
6. Carolina Panthers

If Zeke's suspension gets reduced or completely overturned these two could flip. However I can't see the NFC East winner being higher than a 4th seed. It's going to be a knock down drag out division this year. The Cowboys secondary is awfully thin though after 4 starters left in free agency which I believe will keep them from running away with the division even if Zeke plays all year.
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Re: NFL 2017 Divison Winners predictions.
« Reply #3 on: September 06, 2017, 10:11:54 AM »
God it's been forever since I did one of these, but now that I have the FireStick of DOOM and I should be more into this season (well until the NFL pisses me off again with another idiot suspension)

AFC South:
God I love the Titans here, total team on the rise....I still worry about Houston's QB-scenario (maybe next year)....the Colts are a disaster (and people should be hung for how they screwed up Andrew Luck so royally), the Jaguars are still the Jaguars  :laugh:

AFC North:
This is a walk through for the Steelers, they have the best team by FAR, the Bengals are a mess, the Ravens have a trash offense and IR list the size of the superstar list in Raw Deal and Cleveland ain't ready yet....

AFC West:
It's rare a team that wins 12 games has something to prove....that would be the Raiders, the Chiefs will eventually switch QB's this year (you don't move up THAT much and not) and that will cost them some games....the Broncos are a mess of an aging defense and QB instability...and the Chargers don't have enough season tickets sold to sell out the Staples Center  :laugh: (plus I refuse to call them anything BUT San Diego, the Raiders just seem to be a complete and deep team

AFC East:
AKA "the New England Patriots playground"....yes Miami could make it interesting, but the other two teams are in a pissing match to see who can suck more....

NFC North:
Green Bay, and probably not even close....the Bears are starting over, the Lions are still a mess (no running game and less defense) and I don't think the Vikings are there, they're close and should be a playoff team....but it's still GB's division to own as long as A-Rod is tossing A-Bombs....

NFC South:
I like Tampa here too....hopefully they can get the running game going, everything else they seem ready to go, the Falcons will have SOME kinda of Super Bowl collapse hangover, it's impossible NOT to...the Panthers could be dangerous (but that's all on Cam)....and I think the Saints are trash, bad defense, a TERRIBLE choice in AP who doesn't fit them and all Drew Brees does now is compile stats and suck up salary cap space....

NFC West:
Another easy one....Seattle is stacked and has no holes.... Arizona could compete....but yeah...Carson Palmer....the Rams are still a mess (but least they could sell out the Staples Center :p )...and the 49ers are starting all over again....

NFC East:
I like Phily here....Wentz takes the next step, they added good weapons for him (and Ertz might bust out BIG), they have an underappreciated front 7, and options in the running game now, the Cowboys are too up in the air with Zeke-gate and a suspended entire defense...the Redskins could be an ugly mess this year (I don't like Pryor replacing Garcon or D-Jax and Reed is as glass as they come)....and I don't think the Giants fixed their holes (plus they always ass-up when people talk big about them)

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