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I know cool but im not cool :(
« on: August 20, 2017, 03:06:47 AM »
Hi guys. Recently i got myself a carlito set and was contemplating if i should build it chain or shoot. I went with shoot anyways. So heres my decklist and hopes to see some feedbacks for areas for improvements.


Usual shenanigans
5th and 10th anniversary
Carlito apple
Primo makes the save.


Old school cage match
Find out how to fight from finlay
Carlito's cabana
Interest of fairness tb x3
Im gonna break you x2
Straight shooting interview x2
Ruthless agression tb
Its showtime


Outside interference
This is going to be an old school brawl
Introduce your brain to your mouth
Shoot counter
Restricted use in the area
Unscruplous S.O.B
Sustained damage
Turning everything upside down
Road to victory
Ready to fight
Dirty low blow


The backstabber
Carlito's way ddt
Carlito's cool carribean neckbreaker
I spit in the face of....
...people who don't want to be cool
I know cool.. and you're not cool
Keeping your carribean cool
Spit at opponent x3
Shoot actions x3
Candice: internet icon x2
Shoot lock up x3
Vise lock x3
Shoot kicker hold x3
Shoot double arm lock x3
Shoot forearm x3
German suplex tb x2
Shoot punch tb x2
Dynamic finisher (may swap with another shoot punch tb)
Divine intervention
Out of nowhere
You missed your chance
The RAW DEAL revolution
Don't be a douchebag
Carlito says thats not cool
Dont try this at home
Hole the phone x2
A revolution of the mind x3
Elbow to the face x2
Get the f out x3
Manager interferes x3
Sidewalk slam tb x2
Blindside control x2

Hope to see feedback from y'all. Thanks!

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