Author Topic: SG VC Money in the Bank 2017 Tourney Report  (Read 682 times)

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SG VC Money in the Bank 2017 Tourney Report
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:23:08 AM »
MITB Tourney Report

As there are only 6 players, we ran a round robin so everyone get to play against each other.

Jason - Kaientai
Junwei - Kevin Owens
TS - The Great Khali
Vincent - Kevin Nash
Elvin - Team Angle
Daryl - Barber Beefcake

Jason vs Junwei (W)
Jason (W) vs TS
Jason (W) vs Vincent
Jason (W) vs Elvin
Jason (W) vs Daryl

Junwei (W) vs Jason
Junwei (W) vs TS
Junwei vs Vincent (W)
Junwei (W) vs Elvin
Junwei (W) vs Daryl

Vincent (W) vs Junwei
Vincent vs Jason (W)
Vincent (W) vs Elvin
Vincent (W) vs TS
Vincent (W) vs Daryl

Elvin (W) vs TS
Elvin vs Daryl (W)
Elvin vs Vincent (W)
Elvin vs Junwei (W)
Elvin vs Jason (W)

Daryl (W) vs Elvin
Daryl vs TS (W)
Daryl vs Vincent (W)
Daryl vs Junwei (W)
Daryl vs Jason (W)

TS (W) vs Daryl
TS vs Elvin (W)
TS vs Vincent (W)
TS vs Junwei (W)
TS vs Jason (W)

Unfortunately there are 3 players with exact same win-loss results in a 3-way cycle, and so we have to move on to the main event!

Triple Threat to determine who will be the MITB winner!
Junwei vs Vincent vs Jason

Winner: Jason (Kaientai)

Congratulations to Jason for winning the MITB briefcase!
Future tourneys champion better watch out for our new Mr MitB!!!