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SG Revolution tournament, end of cycle 2 - personal report
« on: July 30, 2017, 06:46:05 AM »
Today saw a turnout of 10 people in total. however, due to some people being late (actually, it was just me. really sorry about that), and some others having to leave early, we played a round robin format instead of a top cut. I built a hogan deck because his ability is really fun!

Gonna keep each match report short as we played 9 matches each!

Match 1 vs. King Booker
Couldn't get much of my cores and antics in. King Booker has reversals for most of my cards, and thus, wasn't able to get a good flow. Quick win for King Booker.

Match 2 vs. Cesaro
Another quick loss as i ran into reversals after reversals. Somehow just couldn't draw into the reversals when needed. Manage to mount some offense though i eventually ran out as i couldn't get my antics in, taking a lot of damage for aggression rule.
At this point, i came into a realization my deck is weak against deck that plays a lot of the hybrid reversals as my maneuvers were all cores.

Match 3 vs. Rhyno
Got trashed. This Rhyno deck is a beast and threw his colossals in on the third turn. Being stuck on 4 fort, and thus unable to delay the onslaught with Slow the Match to a Crawl, Rhyno killed me on his third turn. Scary deck

Match 4 vs. BWO
had a very strong hand, bwo couldn't get any initial fort, and with my ability and a very good hand of maneuvers, i was able to search for the core reversals that stopped his early fort. Ended the game with A spirited turn of events. Finally my first win!

Match 5 vs. John Laurinaitis
wow, really struggled in this game, but through shock the world, along with a few reversals, manage to hit about 18F. used the hulkster to pick up when there's a will, there's a way, only for it to be reversed. manage to survive another turn when i reversed on the overturn. Used Hulkamania runs wild on you to search for when there's a will, there's a way (back in my arsenal due to gone - not forgotten) and played it for the win, with 5 cards left in my arsenal!

Match 6 vs. Ryback
made a good start in the match due to a good hand and manage to get in some early fort. after i ran out of reversals, ryback came back with some momentum cards (his antics, and arm breaker and rib breakers effects) and almost lost. took a count out win after getting back spirited turn of events from my ringside with hulkster.

Match 7 vs. Shield
Steamrolled the shield early in the match and got him to one card left. on that turn, after drawing, shield mounted one of the greatest comeback i've seen, and in fact could have won. I reversed his maneuver with the last card of my arsenal but the shield chose not to take a count out win. used the hulkster to take back a spirited turn of events and pinned him with it. Very very lucky win here.

Match 8 vs. Andre
really tough game for me. andre played just one pre-match: previously unannounced match, and limited my mid match to one. none of my antics got in, and he even reversed my take it and like it with My Way, completely shutting out my mid match. had to get fort with reversals, and playing double leg takedown and wrist lock (2d core, and as andre was packing the hybrid reversals style, but with the reversal mostly 4d or higher). Struggled to 16f. used the hulkster and picked up when theres a will, theres a way and won with 4 cards left in my arsenal.

Match 9 vs. Wyatt Family
this deck is one of my deck weakness as it had a lot of hybrid reversals which i couldn't fight through, and with filling in the blanks and Wyatt's ability, Wyatt had a huge hand, and i knew that he probably a few antic reversals hiding in there. lost the match even after trying to sustain my deck through bow and arrows (some were reversed, some weren't). idea here was try and recover enough cards to risk a when there's a will, there's a way without dying from the aggression rule.

This tourney had the biggest turnout so far (for revo at least) and im pleased to see that revo has gotten some interest! this could not have been possible without the great work done by Keith!

Another amazing note is that despite having a limited pool of superstars for this tourney, there was no repeat superstar, and it is really nice to see people try out different superstars that initially looks hard to built but turned out to be really great decks. I thought that the Rhyno deck was an absolute beast and i really didn't know it had such a huge potential.

Thank you for reading! 
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Re: SG Revolution tournament, end of cycle 2 - personal report
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2017, 04:00:44 PM »
I think u had like half your deck left when i mounted the comeback. Lesson learnt, always take the CO  :laugh: