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Unknown Soldier Redone
« on: June 20, 2017, 12:43:12 PM »
A man walks into an opened door that another man in a Cook's uniform has just come out of. He has come in from out the rain where it is cold but not cold enough to snow. He walks through the kitchen area for a bit and before him he sees it table full of food. "Score look at all this grub." Security approaches him " sir I'm going to have to ask you to leave." "This is America I'm a veteran and nobody's eating this food so I'm digging in." The security goes to grab him and the guy spins slams the security to the floor. The man grabs the tablecloth and piles on as much food as you can fit in there and carries it like a bag. Rock Newman is watching this confrontation. The man looks for an exit and as his running for the door he sees another security coming through the door he was running towards. He turns around to find an another door to go to through and runs past Rock Newman's open office door. Two security guards come out of the other door he's running towards. He puts the food down and starts charging full head steam at the security and clotheslines him the other security goes to grab the guy. Rock Newman waves the security off and says " Wait! I have a opportunity for you. Come into my office." In Rock Newman's office. Rock says "what's your name?" The guy shakes his head no. Rock Newman says " ok you are reluctant to tell me your name but after seeing the way you handled yourself I would like to offer you a job? Here at LFF our competitors wear masks. What would you like your gimmick to be?" He says with a quizzical look on his face " I don't know." Rock Newman says "you said you were a veteran how about camouflage pants black shirt and a camouflage military style vest that carries ammo and things and a mask with a question mark on it?" He says " do I get more free food?" Rock Newman says and paid. He says "Deal!"

Unknown Soldier

Ability: flip the top card of your deck if it is at lead it automatically goes into play if it is not it goes to your discard pile.

Power: 10
Technique: 8
Agility: 6
Strike: 9
Submission: 5
Grapple: 7


Strike: Golf Tango Sierra :GTS
+1 to Strikes
If this card is successful shuffle 5 cards back into your deck. Your opponent discards his hand and draws the same number.

Grapple: Delta Delta Tango : DDT
+3 to Grapple
If this card is successful shuffle 5 cards back into your deck. Search your deck for 1 Finish and put it in your hand.

Submission: Sierra Tango Foxtrot : STF
+ 4 to submissions
If this card is successful shuffle 5 cards back into your deck. Your opponent plays with his hand revealed for 2 turns.


Black Mask with a white question mark
Multi-cam ammo vest with a black shirt
Multi-cam pants.